Gang of Suspected Bandits Arrested

The gang which allegedly specialised in car theft was presented to the public last Friday in Yaounde.A gang of 11 suspected bandits, specialised in car theft is presently in custody at the National Gendarmerie Headquarters in Yaounde. Reports say two vehicles- a Toyota Yaris and a Toyota Corolla 92 were found in their keeping. According to the reports, the gang operated with fake keys, targeting the vehicles of tourists. What is common about members of the gang is that they are all former prisoners. Gendarmerie

also laid hands on another suspected gang of thieves that terrorise vehicle owners in the capital city. According to our source, the group used intoxicated food stuff to intoxicate people and make away with their belongings. 
Odile, 21, one of the alleged bandits, said she operated with her boy friend and they live in Douala. She explained that she gets a packet of biscuits and eats only the first two biscuits and then offers some to the driver. The driver eats it and sleeps off. Then the rest of the gang makes away with the vehicle. She said the first operation in Yaounde was successful but unfortunately for them, they were caught in the second operation. The boyfriend, according to her, is on the run. Sources at the National Gendarmerie say out of 16 suspected bandits arrested recently, five have already in prison. « The rest are expected to be taken to court as from today, » the source said. Gendarmerie Commander, Pierre Bomba Yene said the National Gendarmerie is working hard to rid the capital city of high crime wave.

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