France-Cameroon : Widening Frontiers of Historic Relations

On the invitation of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, President Paul Biya accompanied by First Lady Chantal Biya arrive Paris today for an official visit. The diplomatic red carpet will be rolled out today in Paris as President Paul Biya begins an official visit to France. At the invitation of the French President Nicolas Sakorzy, the official visit of President Paul Biya, accompanied

by the First Lady is expected to renew and consolidate the historic and rich ties binding Cameroon and France. Although the details of the agenda of President Paul and Wife in France have not yet been made public, it is evident that many political, economic and security dossiers of mutual interest will be on the table. As the most eloquent barometre reading of Cameroon??s interest, President Paul Biya has always had a busy schedule during official and private visits marketing the Cameroon label and in the process reaping the required dividends for his nation. The official visit to France that begins today comes on the heels of a world economic and financial crises. Besides the bilateral resolve to constantly enrich and reaffirm the historic partnership between Cameroon and France, President Paul Biya is expected to, as usual, go the extra mile to market the Cameroon destination to French investors. During the recent visit of the French Prime Minister, François Fillon to Cameroon, three Cooperation Accords were signed between the two countries. These included accords on defence, control of immigration and health. A cursory glance between the lines of the cooperation accords signed last May in Yaounde give an indication of the context and stakes of President Paul Biya??s Official visit to France. The ongoing global economic and financial crisis and its ripple effects on developing economies are a priority file whenever Statesmen meet. The Security of the gulf of Guinea remains a subject of global interest with Cameroon as a major player, given its geographical proximity. It will be recalled that General Claude Replant, Commander of the French forces in Gabon was instructed by President Paul Biya to do a security memo on the gulf of Guinea. This report was handed to the President last May. A subject of this nature may require a follow-up with the background of recent activities of pirates in the Bakassi Peninsular. At the political level, the stakes and context now in the Central African region in general and the CEMAC Zone in Particular require an elevated and enriched consultation between Paris and Yaounde to ensure that democracy and stability take lasting roots. As the natural leader in this zone and its frontline Statesman, Cameroon and its President, Paul Biya, remain the role model of political stability and democratic governance. The oft-quoted ??island of stability and peace?? will have to, more than ever before, export its age-old values to neighbours and economic partners in the Central African region. The colonial history of this part of Africa gives France the role of a privileged partner. The political stability of this region is therefore of primary interest to both Cameroon and France. The official visit of President Paul Biya to France has mutually beneficial ripples for both countries given the multiplicity of cooperation ties in a broad spectrum of human activities. With France alone representing close to one third of all foreign investments in Cameroon and supplying more than four hundred and sixty three million Euros per year in multiform budgetary assistance to Cameroon, President Paul Biya??s official visit adds new dynamism to these relations.
Emmanuel TATAW, Cameroon Tribune

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