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Yaoundé submerged: Central post transformed into a river station after a downpour


Cameroon's capital, Yaoundé, has again been flooded after a downpour hit the city. The central post office, an emblematic place in the city, found itself transformed into a river station, forcing some residents to swim to get around.

Floods, a recurring problem in Yaoundé

Flooding is a recurring problem for residents of Yaoundé, especially in areas like the central post office. The heavy rains regularly cause chaotic situations, with flooded streets and residents forced to swim to reach their destination.

The consequences of the floods for the population

These floods have a significant impact on the daily life of the inhabitants of Yaoundé. In addition to the difficulties of movement, they can also cause significant material damage, affect infrastructure and even endanger the lives of people who find themselves trapped in the waters.

Solutions to fight against floods in Yaoundé

Faced with this persistent problem, it is crucial to put in place solutions to reduce the risk of flooding in the Cameroonian capital. Possible measures include improving the drainage system, setting up buffer zones to absorb water and educating residents on precautions to take in the event of flooding.

Authorities call for action

Local and national authorities must act quickly to protect the people of Yaoundé and their property from the floods. It is imperative to work on lasting solutions to prevent these recurrent disasters and improve the quality of life of residents of the capital.

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