HIV-AIDS: finally a miracle treatment within everyone's reach

A discovery all the more astonishing that we only need cassava and another plant within everyone's reach.

It would have taken time! But better late than never. A remedy as simple as pie, capable of systematically eradicating AIDS, the disease of the century, in record time, has just been discovered. A miracle drug, one might say, especially since it is within reach of the poorest people on the planet. Keep quiet! You just need to get two plants that nature has graciously made available to us.


To get straight to the point, all you have to do is have cassava in the tuber and another plant called red jatropha in leaves and you're done. The preparation of this miraculous decoction is very simple.

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1st, crush the fresh leaves of red jatropha (with a little water) to extract the juice. Then crush the peeled CASSAVA tuber to extract the juice. Finally, mix the 2 juices in a bottle to keep cool, away from light


A glass to drink morning noon evening, before the meal, for 45 consecutive days. However, do not go to bed immediately after the evening dose

Practical advice

If possible have a juice extractor or a centrifuge.
If necessary, carry your midday dose in a small bottle and take it before the meal.
Do not be afraid, go about your business without worry because your immunity will be restored in the following month. However, beware of the Institutions where you are going to do the tests because they can inoculate you with diseases despite the good faith of some of our brothers who work there. Finally plant the RED JATROPHA in your garden (around you), and let people enjoy it for free.


    1. I'll have to see it with my own eyes to believe it. But if it's true, hats off to the author of the discovery.

  1. There have been so many such claims in the past about AIDS. As the media does not relay the information, I am skeptical.

  2. yes we had followed successfully, but the quantity that will be prepared will cover for 45 days or during the 45 days you can prepare 2 to 3 times? and the villager(s) don't have an extractor or juicer? quite explicit. 45 days for 25l, 10l, 5l container? this part is not well explained.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing information to save human life and maintain integrity among populations. Thank you very much for the effort made in the direction of discovery. So, to fully understand, are there any great doctors, or great people in the field of health who have tested the accuracy of the said discovery?? If so, who are these as an example?? So, what are their contributions to the discovery and their point of view of the said discovery?? Thank you very much for the return and God bless you!!!

  4. In Africa, HIV AIDS is well cared for. But business to conclude: In China just like in Europe'; In India in America one speaks little about AIDS. why AIDS in Africa. the spirit of pharmacology has killed medicine. Even in Europe, natural health associations reveal BigPharma every day. I leave it to the seekers of truth to do their own research themselves, which research will be their proof. Thanks

  5. But don't be fooled by fake testimonials.
    A drug that kills a mutant virus like HIV does not currently exist.
    Protect yourself.

    1. Of course, caution is needed. However, to be so skeptical is not the philosophy of a scientist.
      Therefore, not to say impossible but let's see. And if positive result then Glory to the Almighty Who Allowed it to Be.

  6. I am delighted with this discovery, but our problem here at home in Lubumbashi is to find the famous red jatropa, because we only have green. Thank you very much for your ingenuity.

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