Guibai Gatama the convinced northerner

Ethnic tensions at Taxes: the Far North is losing ground to the benefit of the East


The ethnic balance within the Directorate General of Taxation of Cameroon is at stake following recent appointments.

The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, had proposed a candidate from the Far North to succeed Modeste Mopa, originally from the Far North. However, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, with the support of Oswalde Baboke and Chantal Biya, preferred an eastern national, Meyong Abath, provoking the dissatisfaction of Guibai Gatama, spokesperson for the "10 million northerners" movement.

Guibai Gatama denounces the betrayal of the Far North in the distribution of key positions and believes that the North-South axis is gradually being broken. According to him, competent northern executives were in the running for the post of Director General of Taxes, but were dismissed in favor of a national from the East.

The spokesperson for the “10 million northerners” movement points out that this situation could lead to tensions and a feeling of injustice within the Cameroonian administration. It urges the authorities to respect the ethnic balance and to take into account the skills of executives from all regions of the country.

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