Ernest Obama and Amougou Belinga

Cameroon- Amougou Belinga and the assassination of Bryan Fombor: Ernest Obama summoned to Sed

Did Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga sign his death warrant by this despicable assassination of journalist Martinez Zogo for which he has been arrested since Monday, suspected as the main sponsor? Anyway, the steamroller is methodically deployed on the billionaire businessman, CEO of the L'Anecdote group. This Saturday, February 11, Ernest Obama the former […]

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Ernest Obama and Martin Mbarga Nguele

Transmission of documents to the Police: Towards a new Amougou Belinga-Ernest Obama case?

Released from the prosecution cell of the Court of First Instance of Yaoundé administrative center (Tpi) on June 25 to appear now free in the case which opposes him to his now ex-boss, the former director of Vision 4 is accused of having transmitted confidential documents implicating the CEO of the Anecdote group to the General Delegate of […]

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