Succession of Patriarch FOTSO Victor: Mrs. Laure Njitap Fotso reframes Yves Michel Fotso

Douala, March 5, 2021
Dear Yves-Michel,

Since Papa's departure, I have deliberately kept silent. I did not wish to intervene in the public debates, including when the remarks seemed particularly hurtful to me. This silence demonstrates my refusal to take part in controversies and contribute to aggravating a situation that some have voluntarily and insidiously insisted on making unlivable for many of us.
However, my restraint should in no way be interpreted as acquiescence or fear of confrontation. My responsibilities, my situation as an orphan girl and a tried sister prevent me from any position other than that of conciliation, harmony and family spirit.

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Consequently, had it not been for the undermining and shenanigans that you seem to particularly appreciate in order to tarnish the image of our late father, I would have refrained from intervening. I remind you that I kept silent even when your direct or reported comments turned out to be defamatory towards me.

My present intervention has the primary objective of reminding you that any fact or any act whose purpose is to undermine the memory of Dad will provoke from me a scathing, clear and frank response in return. It is therefore in consideration of this commitment that I am sending you this reply in order to reassure those who doubt, to encourage those for whom the memory of Papa must remain unscathed from the slightest scratch and to dismiss the eternal whiners, imbued with their little person, in an exercise of introspection so that they meditate on the privilege of carrying the only, indisputable and true heritage that he bequeathed to us: the name of our late father.

I will answer you following the order of presentation established in your letter to the widows FOTSO Victor a copy of which has come down to me. I read it with amusement, knowing the whole truth about you and the facts that you clumsily try to disguise.

1. The sudden passing of our sister Suzie

With regard to this painful point, I remind you that Suzie is still in the morgue, due to the negligence and lies of those first concerned, including yourself. Indeed, why would you want to believe that some people have any interest in letting things drag on? What does the tradition say, in the matter, in the case of a married woman? Is burial in the family vault the law or the rule? Instead of considering these simple questions, you evoke a non-existent conspiracy of which you designate in advance and wrongly imaginary maneuvers.

Moreover, you say that the death of our sister is due to stress; I can only endorse this assertion. However, contrary to what you lead to believe, you cannot escape the origin of her mental, physical and financial stress as well as her vulnerability caused by your decision to have fired her from the CBC because she said to who wanted to hear that you were robbing your father. She had retained from your gesture a humiliation which gradually gnawed at her. Besides, Dad was indignant that you were able to throw your uterine sister out on the street (Cf. letter from Dad reminding you of his incomprehension in the face of your gesture of dismissing Suzie).
Instead of acting like an elder brother who formulates directives that we would immediately put into execution, you walled yourself up in silence, waiting for the slightest opportunity to name the culprits. To tell the truth, the state of our sister Suzie only seems interesting to you insofar as you can hope to draw some personal benefit from it, as usual. Since there is nothing to be gained from it, you have remained on the lookout and, several weeks later, you are trying to make others bear a responsibility that falls primarily on you. You should have thought of Suzie's children, whose uncle you are, and who expect support and consolation from you. Unfortunately from all this, you showed neither desire nor momentum. Shame on you !
However, a few years earlier, on the occasion of the funeral of Grandmother Ma Maptuè, you hastened to put yourself in the front line because a budget of a certain magnitude had been allocated for all the ceremonies. . On this occasion, we were able to see how far your desire to grab can go. You put forward the idea of ​​carrying the remains of our illustrious Grandmother in a new hearse. You mandated Rachel to travel to South Africa to bring back a vehicle that you claimed to have previously spotted. Once brought back to Cameroon, the acquisition turned out to be a carcass without an engine; it had only a simple body. To motorize the carcass, you ordered a motor from TAG Automobiles. Overnight, in the villa of Elig-Essono, Mr. BELIBI (old BELIBI) and his technicians had difficulty adapting the engine to the carcass. The next day, when it left, the hearse still bore the traces of freshly painted paint, to the point that some could not help exclaiming: Yves Michel hit his father again! Worse, when transporting Grandmother Ma Maptuè to the family vault, the famous hearse, supposedly brand new, broke down.
After the funeral of Ma Maptué, you pompously offered vehicles a. Fotso wives. It was a few months later, when collecting his representation allowances in the companies, that Dad realized that you had unilaterally deducted the cost of acquiring the said vehicles, without having informed him. What was a real shock for Dad because he did not expect to see such a process voluntarily and insidiously orchestrated by his own son.

Worse still, the sums deducted from Dad's allowances had been grossly overestimated since they represented the value of the Toyota Prados for each of the wives, whereas the latter had only received Toyota Corollas, with the notable exception of one of them. 'they.
Do I also need to remind you that for the mourning of Maman Lydie, your own mother, rest her soul, you have set up a whole scheme to inflate the allocated budget. Faced with the magnitude of the expenses presented, Papa had shouted:  These children want to ruin me! »
The least I can say is that, if we managed to overcome the pain born of Susie's death, ensuring her a dignified and deserved burial is only a simple manifestation of will to which you visibly refused to adhere.

2. The indictment of the notary instrumental to Papa's will

The idea of ​​falsifying a will, especially Papa's, is neither more nor less than parricide. To dare to deny Papa even his ability to anticipate and foresee his vision of life after he leaves the earth comes only to the minds of those who have become masters in the art of forgery and falsification.

Fortunately, the late FOTSO Victor was a wise, thoughtful, far-sighted and wise man. Deep down, he had foreseen what would happen after him. He knew his world and had a clear idea of ​​those who are agitated as those who observe silence. He had only one word and only gave it to those who deserved his trust. For my part, I cannot doubt, even for a moment, his ability to foresee and anticipate, depending on the circumstances, the useful arrangements when his incapacity or death occurs.

3. Legitimate and justified doubts about the will that remains untraceable

At the rate things are going, tomorrow you'll be able to refuse to acknowledge our parentage to Dad. Since your doubt has no limit, can I count on the respect we owe to the institutions of our dear country? Because daring to deny their impartiality to three sworn ministerial officers goes beyond methodical doubt and freedom of expression. You trample the exclusive prerogative recognized to the State and the capacity of the administration to say, directly or by interposed clerks, what is of right. I will not follow you on this slippery slope. I pray for wisdom to bring you back to the right path.

You have always been a master at making fakes and you think everyone is like you. There is nothing more pretentious than to believe that you are right against everyone. Unfortunately for you, I'm not one of those who kiss the hand that throws crumbs at them.

As soon as you learned of Dad's death, you came out of your silence of several years. Instead of consoling us for our affliction, you used the weakest to attack me, claiming that Dad died a suspicious death. No doubt you were already looking for a way to discredit me. So you didn't hesitate to ask for an autopsy. You know very well that Papa had been ill for many years. Since you give me the opportunity, I'm going to remind you where Dad's first troubles started.
A simple reminder of the facts leads me to tell you that Dad died of cardiac arrest, the beginnings of which date back to June 2011, around 11 a.m., the day the CIS general meeting was held.

This disastrous day of June 2011, yourself, Rachel and Roger have appointed three bailiffs. They presented themselves at 144 Rue Aristide Briand, in Levallois-Perret, headquarters of Dad's company, with a notification signed by you three in order to request a psychiatric expertise in order to declare it incapable adult. So, did you plan to remove him from his society to better monopolize it! On arrival the ushers were present Mr. Essotier, the JAC firm, auditor, Mrs. Cornet, Mr. Bernard Descamps, Uncle Valentin, Kua Lucie and myself. Fortunately, material evidence of this act is still available.

I still remember the sigh of Papa who had said: if he manages (speaking of you) to take over CIS, I'm going to die.
By dint of seeing you act and act badly, Dad knew you were capable of anything. Indeed, the irruption of the three bailiffs bringing an injunction provoked an initial reaction symptomatic of a heart attack: palpitations. These, once started, repeated themselves, became recurrent and then ended up settling and getting worse. Ten years later, the insane act but voluntarily set in motion by three of his children led him prematurely to death.

It escapes no one that Dad's refusal to take Rachel on the phone, from February 2, 2020 to the day of his death, is explained by the memory of this despicable act engineered and carried out by three of his children.
This February 2, 2020 is the date on which, following an alert, at 1:45 a.m., Sarah Kechi, Dad's nurse, informed me that my father had just become unwell. I landed on the tarmac at Bamougoum airport at 10 a.m. to take Papa back to Paris so that he could be admitted to intensive care at the American hospital.

I remind you that the three of you wanted to prevent Papa from becoming president of his own CIS company again. You claimed that he could not assume the functions of president given his age, which had passed seventy-five. A series of procedures followed.
Even though you had never loved me before, I realized that it was after these failures that you began to hate me, knowing the role I had played in the process that led you there. From your point of view, my crime will have been to have helped Dad to recover a property acquired with the sweat of his brow. But, what child could have the audacity to see her father's tears flow and remain unresponsive?

After eight court appearances, you have failed in your quest for usurpation. When Dad took over his duties, he realized that you had sold almost all of the headquarters building except for the ground floor. This is one of many acts of evil against Dad that you willfully and ruthlessly orchestrated.

Your turpitudes are multiple and indisputable. Despite all your gratuitous assertions about me, neither you nor anyone else can point to a single malicious act on my part. If I had been with Dad for all these years, it was because he saw in me a loving daughter, an unwavering support, an efficient, faithful and honest collaborator.

Finally, it seems to me to say the least surprising that you, Yves Michel, after so many seditious, deceitful, pretentious and narcissistic behaviors and so many parricidal acts, you come to give me lessons in filial love, family harmony and solidarity between siblings!
Notwithstanding the system of corruption you use and abuse, we know that the only interest you care about is your thirst for grabbing and destruction. You did this while Papa was alive. After struggling for years, he managed to recover part of the companies he had voluntarily entrusted to you with the management. Instead of thanking him for it, you couldn't find better than to use a thousand and one tricks to dispossess him.

For example, you convinced Dad to sell UNALOR. You found the client. You accompanied him and introduced him to the CBC. Once the eight billion FCFA, price of the transaction, deposited in Dad's Swiss account, you emptied the contents of the account, cleaned up as Dad said. This transaction made it possible, among other things, to restore financial health to Roger, who had just left a Swiss prison. He got away with the tidy sum of four hundred million FCFA. Three years earlier, in 2006, you had done the same with FERMANCAM. On this same Swiss account, dad calculated the damage, your cleaning, at 50 billion fcfa. This fact is notorious in the family. After these crimes, you wrote to Dad, copying Mr. Daniel KAPSU, auditor of the companies of the FOTSO group. The object of your correspondence was to pose as a competitor to our father. You wanted to make a comparison to establish which of you two was richer. You implied that you had become richer than him; of course, at the cost of theft and misappropriation of his property. What a quirk!

Worse, Dad let you occupy his house in Bali. A few years later, you kicked out your benefactor on the pretext of a trip to Kribi so as not to receive him. Each time he was in transit for Paris, our father left Bandjoun at 6 o'clock in the morning; he spent the day at the La Rose building, headquarters of the Fotso group. For his lunch, he contented himself with sandwiches. He changed in his office at 20 p.m. before taking his evening flight to Paris. What a shame for you! Above all, what ingratitude! Additional shock, Dad was indignant when he learned that you had sold the house in Bali for 1 billion FCFA.

Michel, where were you when Dad was selling oxen to pay his children's school fees?
Where were you when Dad sent Bruno GUIFFO and Jean-Pierre TAGNE to Emmanuel CHATUE to buy shabby tontines to support his family?
Where were you when I got into debt with the banks in order to get Papa out of Bandjoun given his state of health which had become more than precarious?
Michel, Dad had built a paradise for his family. He gave you the keys and you used them to bring him to his knees.

I can affirm it, because others than me have witnessed it, the last years of Dad, in his own words, were the best of his life.
Dad was a great man and a philanthropist; his kindness, humility, generosity, honesty, dignity and elegance made him an emperor. You won't be able to approach it, much less equal it.

Michel, where children succeed, you have failed. Far from you, Papa has become a happy man. So much so that on December 13, 2019, while flying over Le Bourget, he exclaimed: Gaston, if I were to die today, I would leave with my hands raised very high so that everyone could see me. He went on to say that it is all the difference with the end that Yves Michel had programmed for me. Then he turned to me and said: Meee… you cried for me while I was alive.

Yves Michel, you thought you had annihilated papa; we, his children with very little means, managed to put him back on his feet.

Contrary to what you say over and over, since my arrival in the FOTSO Group, no company has been sold. Moreover, had it not been for my
intervention, Dad was about to sell SAFCA, under your and Roger's instigation. I opposed it, reminding him of his reputation as an industrialist.
Besides, stop saying that I took advantage of your incarceration to usurp your position as leader of the Group. During the board of directors of May 4, 2009, Dad ejected you from the general management of the companies of the Group because he had realized that you were not worthy of trust while you still enjoyed all your freedom. Papa resumed his duties as CEO following the general meeting of June 12, 2009.
Today, despite your circumscribed freedom, your determination to harm and destroy remains intact and fierce.
When will you stop pitting siblings against each other?
When will you recognize that Dad had made choices of his own and of which only he knows the reasons?
When will you finally understand and realize that your agitation, for the sole purpose of hindering others than yourself from assuming the heavy task of preserving the common family property, is doomed to failure?
Michel, do you seriously believe that you will be able to get people to admit that we can transform, steal or change the will of a man of the caliber of FOTSO Victor? Isn't this first of all failing in your duty of respect and gratitude towards the august Deceased?

5. Destruction of fields

Buying false testimonies, by dint of cars offered to lonely widows and weakened by the death of their husbands, does not make you a patriarch at the height of the late FOTSO Victor.
The role of head of the family would have returned to you without incident, without any discussion, if you had known how to show family spirit, tolerance, impartiality and a parcel of the dignity unanimously recognized in our late father.

Let me just tell you that I will continue to carry the burdens that Dad placed on my frail shoulders. They are certainly heavy but I do not doubt for a moment of his benevolent and permanent presence by my side. Moreover, this is what he taught me at the very beginning of the 2010s. I continue on the path traced, in my soul and conscience, for eight good years without him ever needing to intervene. .

Could you name two or three of your acts which had no other objective than to sow discord in the family?

Directly or through intermediaries, you did everything to ensure that Dad's remains remained stuck in Paris despite the Covid-19 pandemic. At first, you asked the widows to boycott the organization of the funeral until President Paul BIYA grants you a pardon. You have lodged several appeals with the courts, all of which have been rejected. At your last motion, you were ordered to pay your costs. I'm still waiting for the amount you have to pay me because I intend it to buy a beautiful wreath to put flowers on Papa's grave.

So, Michel, you wanted to use the remains of Papa, your parent, to obtain a pardon from President Paul BIYA, supposedly to support the family.

When I managed to bring Papa's remains home, you asked the widows not to go out or attend their husband's burial ceremony. They obeyed. In return, you made them dangle the allocation to each of a car. It turns out that you kept your promise overnight, just before January 31, 2021! It was on the eve of a conciliation meeting scheduled for February 1, 2021. Once again you gave them the order not to go there.

Yves Michel, sincerely, could you have asked your own mother, may her soul rest in peace, not to attend her husband's funeral?
Regarding your letter to your mothers-in-law and mothers, it should have been addressed first and foremost to Maman GEMDJO, wife FOTSO, the mother of KUA Lucie, Papa's first wife. It was up to him to bring his young co-wives together to talk to them and give them his point of view. That's the tradition! But of course, you prefer easy prey!

Finally, you mentioned your state of health to justify your inaction since the death of our sister Suzie. Wouldn't you have been a little too taken by your multiple procedures against me? In particular, by the case pending the whole month of January 2021 at the TPI of Douala-Bonanjo: Case of Yves Michel FOTSO v/ the company eiSCI Lydie”, “currently called SCI FOY”” (according to you).

When it comes to confrontation, war, you use all of the FOTSO widows and children. When it comes to sharing, you only think of your uterine brothers and sisters (see attached the dispatch from SCI Lydie containing the list of shareholders). Why didn't you take the trouble to include at least one child's name per house? You go out of your way to offer vehicles to widows, which is like giving them a peanut seed to take over the peanut field.
Did you tell the widows and your brothers and sisters that in this case, you again tried to recover the SCI FOV, by making the Court of First Instance of Douala BONANJO believe, that you had seized in summary proceedings from time to time, that it was SCI LYDIE that became SCI FOV?
Did you tell your brothers and sisters as well as the widows, whom you ask to designate you as their interlocutor, that SCI LYDIE belonged only to you and your uterine brothers and sisters, and that if SCI FOV were to be absorbed by SCI LYDIE would it only be for your sole benefit, of course to the detriment of all the other FOTSO children and widows?
Did you tell them that you had already attempted the maneuver during our father's lifetime by producing false notarial deeds and false minutes of fictitious general meetings to strip him of SCI La Rose and that, thanks to his vigilance and with the help of Franck FOTSO, you had to acknowledge your use of forgery in writing?
Did you tell them that on January 14, 2021, the judge, emptying his referral and in consideration of the truth, denied you any standing to claim anything from the SCI FOV that you have repeatedly tried to divert?
Did you finally explain to them that your hatred for Franck Fotso was born when he helped dad recover the La Rose building for which you claimed to have paid 5 billion to the Prodinter Foundation for its acquisition? Joined then on the telephone, Maître Catherine Crochet, jurist of the Prodinter foundation answered Dad: it is another of Yves Michel's maneuvers to seize your property. From then on, Dad took the decision to dissolve Prodinter, this foundation under Swiss law that he had created in order to guarantee the future of his family when he is no longer in this world.
As soon as a FOTSO child gives love or values ​​dad, he becomes your enemy. As soon as Dad has loved or valued a child, the latter becomes your enemy. Thus, Damien will forever remain in your sights since he had the privilege of being designated by Dad as his successor.

Click here to read Yves Michel Fotso's missive

From your prison, you organized the sale of MINKWELE, by inserting Rachel, magistrate of her state, into the circuit. Unaccustomed to business, she had no skills. But how had she got there? She got away with the trifle of 80 million FCFA. Could you designate a FOTSO child, other than your uterine sisters or brothers, beneficiaries of a commission of even 50 million at the end of a transaction? Who do you think you're laughing at? Who do you think you're laughing at?

Today, despite your tortuous and twisted processes, you seem to reproach me for having piloted a capital reduction of FOV SA France (formerly CIS) for the benefit of the shareholder, therefore of Papa. The released part of the capital was to allow him to provide for the needs of his family. In other words, and de facto, nor prove to the whole world that your objective was to bring Dad to his knees. If it had to be done again, I would do it again.

In view of the grievances that you keep rehashing, I expected that you summon me for embezzlement of the assets of the FOTSO Group as you promised to the widows the day after Dad's burial.
As for you, there was a time when I could have sued you for breach of trust and using CIS funds, among other things, for your own gain. In this regard, the BABEMBA was an edifying example. I abstained to avoid a family scandal for you. You are far from knowing how to exercise such restraint.
I would like you to remember this: it is not in my hands that you will snatch what Papa left for his children and his wives, even if you use them against me. I will scrupulously follow the roadmap established by Victor FOTSO. No one can divert me from this goal. Consequently, you can continue to have pieces of paper signed to defame me, it won't change anything because what I do, I do for my father.
I went to the school of a sage, a man who knew you very well. He knew what you are capable of. Dad had spent the last ten years of his life preparing for the future. In view of your actions, he was not mistaken, quite the contrary.
In a few weeks, when communicating the inventory of Dad's assets that we have initiated, you will have to follow the procedure which requires that the transfers be made according to an individual slip attesting to them. All you have to do then is go around the members of the FOTSO family, it's up to each one to give you their share or not.
Michel, all shame drunk, you used Marie Christine, Dad's wife, to hijack CCP shares. You then abandoned her to her sad fate, burdened with a few million.

Last but not least, the choice of your representatives in what you pompously call the family council gives an idea of ​​your intentions.
Could you bring to the attention of the FOTSO family a single proof showing that I transferred the lands of FOV in my name? Michel, the worst enemy of lies, isn't it time?
During 2019, after a remote control analyzed by Dad's doctor, I was informed that he was about to have a stroke. I did what I could, once again afraid to bring him back to Paris. Admitted to the block for the installation of a third stern on the coronary artery, the doctors had called in a psychologist with the aim of inquiring about what made him so anxious. He replied to the shrink: my daughter killed me alive, she sold my house.
Meé: Where do you think Eliane put my things before selling my house? he asked me.
Should I remind you that Dad went to the prison three times to ask you to pay him back what you owed him in order to support his family. You pushed him away like a dog. In view of his insistence, you ended up refusing his visits. It was you, Michel! Today, you would like to offer him a grandiose funeral! Don't we say, in Bamileke, that we mourn our parents while they are alive?
The rest of us mourned Dad while he was alive. We pampered him. We put him back on his throne as emperor.

You used every possible maneuver to prove that the CBC belonged to you. Today, when you enter this bank, after the portrait of President Paul Biya, it is that of Victor FOTSO that you greet. Yours doesn't appear anywhere.
If during the last ten years, Dad had named you SIMO de BISSI-MAG, Jean Félix MAMALEPOT, to designate you and distinguish you from our illustrious Dad, called you FOTSO the ugly.

Shame more than any other, you send the weakest to manipulate Dad's children in exchange for 2 tickets!
Dad had started from zero to become a hero. You are very, very, very far away
Take good note of what dad managed to straighten out after your escapades, other real FOTSOs will take over with dignity. If your indignity leaves you the opportunity, then the only option left for you is to come and greet them by lowering your head and asking for forgiveness.

Who are you Michel to disqualify KUA Lucie? Isn't she the eldest of us all? His fault, in your eyes, would have been his attachment to his father!
Know that you remain indebted for the billions that you took from Dad's Swiss account. He liked to use the term nettoyer. Proceed first to the reimbursement of the billion seven hundred and fifty million FCFA that you stole from him in cash. This will be the smallest amount you owe. The proof of this usurpation is attached.

Michel, thank God if you've mastered the art of manipulation, intrigue and bribery. For our part, we surrounded ourselves with wise advice in order to follow a smooth outcome.
Michel, dad was talking about you while crying. Oh how many times Dad said thank you with tears in his eyes! Those tears of joy that ended with her so pure smile.

In his infinite wisdom, Papa said: an egg seller neither seeks nor accepts confrontation. For my part, my most vulnerable egg is no longer of this world; he rests in peace.

Kind regards,

Laure Fotso marries NJITAP FOTSO

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