His Majesty Clément PETSOKO: Itinerary of a life strewn with banana peels

Man of science, Resident Representative of the State Consulting Group (an investigation, opinion poll and political analysis firm), Clément PETSOKO continues to make people around him jealous and embittered.

However, his only sin is to be passionate about excellence. Indeed, everything that the creator of the 3z/H slimming method touches becomes gold. Something that attracts dissatisfied people, jealous people. A resentment that changed the daily life of the doctor who obtained his Doctorate in Medicine at the University of Science and Technology NDGESCI-NCASUSA in EASTERN CALIFORNIA IN THE USA. For several years, His Majesty Dr Clément PETSOKO, also President of the circle of Dynamic FRIENDS for cooperation and partnership between the peoples of Africa and CHINA and promoter of the International Center for Well-Being (CIBE) and CIMEH (CLINIQUE International of Holistic Medicine) is the subject of defamation, insult, slander, rumour. Anything that contributes to tarnish the image of man.

The case of the "Rape" of the children of Doctor Clément Petsoko had largely made the headlines of the national press. Clément Petsoko, the main victim, had only his own conscience to support all these accusations of "Rape" on his own children. Accusations of a woman who obviously had embarked on an action aimed, if not to break him, at least to tarnish his image. In March 2019, the alleged affair of Dame Thierry Kuate née Simo Nudjummo Tatiana who was reportedly “beaten up” by Dr Clément Petsoko, promoter of the 3Z sur H slimming method, ended up revealing its truths; a week after making the rounds on social networks. Caught in the act of theft, the wife of a journalist dishonestly defended herself. Defamation, insult, slander, rumour… so many disturbing elements have so far failed to shake Dr. Clément Patsoko. Clichets of a parasitized life and secret of resistance in the face of attacks.

A case that looks like a mafioso-marital thriller

Promoter of the International Center for Well-Being (CIBE), one of the top five beauty centers in the Central African sub-region based in Messamendongo in Yaoundé, Dr Clément Petsoko underwent from October 2008 to January 2010, a vast campaign of media demonization, supported by a complaint. A case that looks like a mafioso-marital thriller. Clément Petsoko, a homeopath and medical psychologist, was then accused by his wife of raping his two daughters and his son. He will spend eight days at the Provincial Delegation of the Judicial Police of the Center, in Yaoundé. The case caused a stir and the press seized on it. Justice orders a counter-expertise. The results are against the prosecution. The accused is therefore released. For the doctor, the attitude of his spouse is explained by the fact that he had taken a second wife with whom he had children. This did not suit his wife "who was rather brought up in Western values ​​where the woman must be alone with her husband". A motive that does not convince the public prosecutor, near the High Court of Yaoundé. The magistrate then orders an environmental investigation. Following which the young businessman says he discovered the pot of roses.

Permanent industrial espionage

After the publication of a medicinal discovery, on the treatment of obesity and overweight, the young doctor is contacted by Belgian researchers, who want to buy it back from him. Clément Petsoko explains that he had demanded 800 million CFA francs, while the Belgians offered a maximum of 150, with support for the studies of his wife, who was training in medicine. He claims that the latter, captivated by the advantages linked to this contract, would have put him under pressure, especially since it was she who now served as his agent. His categorical refusal will be the beginning of a long estrangement, which will end with his arrest.

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It was when he came across his wife's email account and password that he said he finally got the key to the case. He would have discovered messages in which his wife delivered her secrets to her partners, at the same time as she was plotting with them, to weaken him. After having tried, without success, to extract the formula from him, to give it to Belgian researchers, against a promise of 200 million CFA francs; it would have been suggested to her to accuse her husband of raping her own children for mystical-religious purposes. An accusation that stuck very well to the personality of her spouse. Young and rich, in an environment where esotericism is well established; where the sects make the rain and the fine weather of the seekers of luxury, he represented an ideal culprit; an expiatory victim of popular fed up, faced with mystical and immoral practices, which it is no longer a secret that they despair Cameroonian society.

"Every moment of life is an opportunity to be seized"

The doctor says he "suffered a lot from this suspicion". But he thinks above all that "every moment of life is an opportunity to be seized". For him, “there are things that we think are negative at the time. But with hindsight and when you count over time, you realize that it was rather something positive. This experience has "made him very rich in relationships". He even launched the Virtual Institute of Personal Development Sciences in January 2010, to get young Africans out of the fatalistic yoke "which makes people believe that, to succeed, you have to go through by a lobby, a sect or sponsorship”.

A second wet firecracker

On November 02, 2018, an alleged case of Dame Thierry Kuate born Simo Nudjummo Tatiana against His Majesty Dr Clément Petsoko broke out! The wife of the "journalist" and communicator of the method is Assistant Beautician at the International Center for Well-Being (CIBE) whose promoter is Dr. Petsoko Nossi Powo Clément. The young lady, on the day of March 07, 2019, continued to a reprimand given to her by her employer for misuse of a robot for care and face lifting of the latest generation, the purchase cost of which is 4.600.000 FCFA, Mrs. Thierry Kuate decides unilaterally to resign from her service. But before leaving the company, the wife of the "journalist" perpetrated acts of vandalism there which tarnished the CIBE's brand image. According to her colleagues on duty, "that day, she not only insulted the promoter of the CIBE, but even more, physically attacked her colleague, Mrs. Abolo Eliette, head of the CIBE in Yaoundé to whom Lady Thierry Kuate was beaten up and also covered with insults of all kinds. : "even in the coffers of the company to help themselves and had it not been for the intervention of his colleague, Dame Eliette Abolo, the said coffers would have been emptied". But, the wife of the "journalist" will manage to take a tablet (telephone) brand Samsung, white color; belonging to the CIBE promoter.

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At the CIBE, the employees maintain that: "all the friendly steps taken by the promoter to gain possession of his telephone and the 350 FCFA withdrawn from the coffers of Dame Eliette ABOLO are in vain". According to Roméo, a mechanic, neighbor of the CIBE who followed the scene from a distance: "Some time after the scandal created by Mrs. Kuate at the neighbor's house, she called on her husband who immediately arrived accompanied by two big arms and a policeman. When they arrived, the journalist began to scold, threatening to ransack everything at CIBE. One of his big guys even slapped a CIBE employee. Fortunately, the gendarme who accompanied them quickly calmed the situation. The scene took place in the absence of the big boss. The lady's husband declared in front of everyone that this affair is not going to stop there. That he is a journalist and therefore he has all the media under his control, he will organize media campaigns to destroy the CIBE and its promoter”.

For his part, the promoter of CIBE who had initiated legal proceedings against Lady Kuate born Simo Nudjummo Tatiana for theft and destruction, chose the path of peace…he dropped the case.

…A man of consensus

Mrs. Jeanne Awa, neighbor of Doctor Clément Petsoko, Teacher and Promoter of a training center indicates that Doctor Clément Petsoko is “An exemplary boy and open to all the inhabitants of the area. Everyone finds him helpful and since moving to this area, he has never upset his neighbors. The Doctor lived here in the Messamendongo district with his wife and children in harmony. Every end of the year during the festive period everyone would rejoice in his home. As for the story of the rape of the children, the teacher reacts promptly: “I can't think that a man like Petsoko raped his own children. In this neighborhood so far no one believes that there was rape. It's unimaginable what this poor boy is accused of. For me Doctor Petsoko is the victim of a conspiracy. He was never interested in such practices either towards his children or towards ours. It is said that his wife staged this coup because she wanted revenge after the breakup”.Dominique Etienne Ebi, secretary to the district chiefdom and neighbor of Doctor Petsoko gives his version: “I always found sociable. This boy even campaigned in an association alongside me. Clément Petsoko is no different from men who have understood that you have to work to earn a living. He is always working. He goes to sports and drinks palm wine with us. I don't see anything special in his way of life. We have detected no signs of belonging to satanic circles. No one can prove that Doctor Petsoko is in contact with the forces of evil”.

Martial Simo, the former driver of Doctor Clément Petsoko, also confided: "To this day I do not think that this rape case is founded". The former driver of Christelle, the wife of Clément Petsoko , indicates that the Doctor is “a just man who loves his children amply and cannot afford such atrocity. During his legal troubles I was by his side despite what was being said. And if I had believed for a moment that what they were saying was true, I would have immediately abandoned him in the middle of this problem. Doctor Clément Petsoko abused his children. For me this story is a tissue of lies.

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Edifying testimonies which today allow national and international opinion to understand the real motives and motivations of the accusations brought against a man who has always devoted himself to his work to better supervise his family. He would have been weakened by this big campaign of denigration against his person, but Clément Petsoko knew how to remain morally and psychologically strong, waiting for the truth to come to light. And today Doctor Clément Petsoko is a man at peace. A man proud to know that he was simply the victim of a cabal orchestrated by individuals with “diabolical” intentions.

Secrets of a life

After having gone through the dark moments of his history, the current Executive Director of “State Consulting Group”; author of the book Ali Bongo Ondimba: “open sesame for the new Africa? published in 2014 now thinks that: “Peace can never be taken for granted. It is an ongoing process, a long-term goal that requires constant vigilance and work, as well as the active participation of all individuals. It is about choices to be made, daily decisions that we make to initiate a sincere dialogue with other people and other communities, whether in the real or virtual world.

Majesty Dr. Petsoko Nossi Powo Clément believes that: Life is a journey of discovery, which needs to be assessed and updated regularly taking into account new realities on the ground as well as timing and context. It is therefore not surprising that the concept of peace defies any attempt at a common definition, despite its universal appeal.

To date, several observers are unanimous on the fact that His Majesty, Dr Clément Petsoko is a man of peace, consensus and development. The Cameroonian shares with the Gabonese President, the same vision of Africa. Like Ali Bongo Ondimba, Clément Petsoko believes that: “Africa must accelerate its structural transformation by boosting the potential of its youth, investing in science, technology and innovation, accelerating the pace of economic integration, shifting to a green economy, and supporting private sector businesses”.


  1. Mr PETSOKO,
    This exit is curious, why bring this case back to the carpet? What is behind this release?
    Case to follow, because revenge is a dish best served cold WAIT AND SEE

  2. Dr PETSOKO, the truth takes the stairs, but ends up being known.
    This unexpected exit hides a big and big settling of scores.

    The blood of a human being has never been HAS BEEN, advice, continue your little earthly path and the glory will be returned to you if you are a victim, because GOD SEES ALL

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