Breach of contract with COQ SPORTIF: The reasons that would have decided FECAFOOT

LeFaxinfo received from a relative of the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation (FÉCAFOOT), Samuel Eto'o, the explanations which would have founded the decision to break unilaterally with the French equipment manufacturer.

We are publishing all of the explanations received, with the promise to come back to this affair, which makes several people close to the case say that the contract in itself is bad, even if there is something wrong with Samuel Eto's method. y.

“So the equipment manufacturer Coq sportif is dragging FÉCAFOOT to court. This is good news. This action will oblige the plaintiff to produce the long-awaited contract.

“The current FÉCAFOOT has nothing to fear from this trial. On the contrary! It will make it possible to expose the negligence and the mafia around the contract signed between the former executive of FÉCAFOOT and the equipment manufacturer.

“The FECAFOOT and Coq Sportif partnership is an incredible story that the officials of the Cameroonian Football Federation do not want to spread for the moment. It's a mafia that Samuel Eto'o's team is asked to cover. better, to accept in silence.

“(…) FÉCAFOOT versus Seydou Mbombo signed with Le Coq in return for the supply of equipment to the different categories of football teams in our country, and annual funding which would amount to 250 million CFA francs (don't laugh this is the official amount).

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“When the new team arrives at FÉCAFOOT, there is no trace of the contract with the equipment manufacturer. She asks Le Coq sportif to give her a copy. Dry refusal, on the grounds that the current president is not the signatory of the contract. That is. But Samuel Eto'o and his team must assume this partnership. After a waiting period, and a series of negative acts on the part of the sponsor, the decision to break the contract is taken at the end of a meeting of the executive committee. For several unsuspected reasons for the public.

“The FÉCAFOOT accuses its partner, among other things, of:

  • Concealment of the contract;
  • Refusal to honor the payment of 250 million of the contract (the fuse was sold by a staff of the old team);
  • Refusal to give the equipment to our women's team which disputed the CAN in Morocco last June-July with the links of the juniors, jerseys much larger than their size.
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“Where the film is worthy of the Sicilian Mafia is that the President of FÉCAFOOT wrote to Coq sportif as soon as he took office, to take stock and order equipment for the World Cup. Stunning surprise: the management of Le Coq would have sent a proforma with prices for jerseys and shorts. FÉCAFOOT should therefore buy the jerseys to dress the Lions during the World Cup! And these mailmots are stamped Coq sportif… And the seller is none other than the sponsor of the Lions, the one who is supposed to dress the national football teams of Cameroon!

“Any idea of ​​the prices communicated by the Rooster? The shorts at 60€. The swimsuit at €140 and the socks at €50 each!

Like in a movie!

The FÉCAFOOT will discover in the process that its partner would sell Lions jerseys and equipment in stores in Europe and would not pay anything to Tsinga.

"" We must break the nonsense and find a real equipment supplier who can, like Puma, give at least one billion CFA francs each year, and enough equipment for our teams", resume in heart the leaders of FÉCAFOOT.

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“The actor fell in his film. The jeremiads and threats of Coq sportif will be useless. The real trial will take place after or before the World Cup. And the contract will come out. Coming from Cameroon or France. It's fine except to go out.

“The Rooster will be eaten. »

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