Qatar 2022: After a falling out, Samuel Eto'o will sack Rigobert Song Bahanag

Negotiations underway for the dismissal of Rigobert Song Bahanag a few days after the end of the World Cup. In the short list: Kalla Nkongho, Patrick Mboma and Achille Webo.

Rigobert Song thus pays the costs of having wanted to help Maboang Kessack who was in disgrace with President Samuel.
Indeed, Samuel Eto'o not having digested the fact that Maboang came to the Hotel des lions with a prostitute dismissed the one who was still his project manager. Maboang then calls on Rigobert Song to plead on his behalf with Samuel.

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Unfortunately, Samuel Eto'o takes the intervention of Rigobert Song very badly and decides to ridicule as he knows very well how to do the Coach in public. He reminded Song that he was the one who made it and he can destroy it at any time. And closed by telling Rigobert Song that his days were now counting at the head of the national team. Rigobert Song will not allow himself to be ridiculed and will in turn generously insult President Samuel Eto'o. had it not been for the intervention of the other members of the group, the president and the coach would have started a fight.

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  1. If that's really the reasons for this altercation, even a teenager can settle this case by pointing out the culprit.

  2. Find better to say my dear brothers. It is the Cameroonian who destroys his own brother. You who write this article, what have you done for the Nation?

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