Sexual orgies in schools: Nalova Lyonga's impotence exposed

Faced with the Network of Women Parliamentarians of Cameroon (Refpac), on March 22 in Yaoundé, the Minister of Secondary Education admits her inability to stem the phenomenon of moral depravity in the school ecosystem.

As in a pornographic film, are the students condemned to live under the omnipotence of eroticism? After the murders, retrograde practices (magic purses) and drug consumption, there is now room for sybaritism in the school environment. What's newer under the sun? A thinker was indignant. At the height of the excesses that are increasingly experienced by the school district in Cameroon, the sexual orgy remains topical. A situation which seems to escape the control of the leaders confirmed in their tactics of non-proactivity. “Let the parents reconsider their responsibilities towards their offspring.

The training of students does not depend solely on the government. We reach out to civil society, political parties, opinion leaders, in short, the educational community to update the supervision of the quality of education for our children. We need a synergy of action to curb the phenomenon, ”said Nalova Lyonga, boss of Minesec. In the beginning was the classic high school of Deido (November 2020) where 9 students including five girls and four boys had been surprised in full orgy in Douala. To intensify, the phenomenon repeated itself at the bilingual high school of Kribi on March 02, where a group of students, authors of a 29-second sextape ranging from fondling to kisses between girls and simulations of the positions of acts sex in the middle of the classroom had retained administrative vigilance. What required them a definitive exclusion without said right. 3 days later, the same drift was observed in the Barombi district at a place called Water Fall in Kumba, with around fifty students celebrating sex. An enjoyment perpetrated by their comrades in the leading city of Cameroon precisely in the Ekié district where many indulged in infamous and despicable acts.

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“More than 25 children met there during school hours. Their cries of pleasure bothered us for a long time and we had confirmation of what we thought the day the police came to arrest them,” said a witness source. According to the latest information, the latter, recognized as major players in this orgy network, have been interviewed by elements of the 14th arrondissement police station and will have to answer for their actions in court.

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“We are shocked, outraged, and frightened by what is happening in our secondary schools right now. We propose that we can associate the Ministry of Basic Education and that of Secondary Education to examine this problem during a special plenary session in parliament", urges Laurentine Koah Mbede, oldest member of the Assembly national, also president of the Network of Women Parliamentarians of Cameroon (Refpac). What a misadventure! At the source of the evil, the results of this first diagnosis identify the social networks, strongly favored by these young people, including minors.

These platforms leave on the floor structures for supervising students overwhelmed by technological developments. In this fictional theater played by the ruling power, the government plays an important role. In view of the political, this synthesis "of the Nalova years" at Minesec should
help young Cameroonians to better know and understand the progress of their country, whose historical memory, even recent, is very poorly maintained, while a generation is accelerating on the highway of perdition.

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