Lucie Milebou

Lucie Milebou Aubusson appointed interim president of Gabon


Gabon is slowly but surely turning the Bongo page. Omar, the father ruled Gabon for 37 years, Ali, the son for 9 years. We can't do anything against time.

The President of the Senate will ensure the interim of the President of the Republic of Gabon.

The decision was taken on Wednesday evening by the 9 judges of the Constitutional Court, who ruled in accordance with articles 13 and 16 of the fundamental law.

The highest court in the country was seized by the Prime Minister, head of government.

In his request Emmanuel Issozet Ngondet mentioned emergency cases.

Many files whose examination cannot be postponed are currently pending in the government.

Several legislative and regulatory texts are also awaiting adoption.

These texts cannot be examined and adopted given the temporary unavailability of the Head of State Ali Bongo Ondimba, the only ability to convene the Council of Ministers.

Constitutional judge Anthony Adiwa has made public the appointment of Lucie Milebou Aubusson as interim President of the Republic of Gabon.

Mrs. Aubusson who is 61 years old has been at the head of the senate since February 2015.

In accordance with article 13 of the constitution, the interim Head of State will take an oath before taking office at the Palace of Renovation.

In ten years women will have played a major role in this country. In 2009, when Bongo died, a woman president of the senate took over. In 2018 it is still a woman who acts as Ali Bongo ondimba

11 thoughts on "Lucie Milebou Aubusson appointed interim president of Gabon"

  1. Did the law provide for his interim in the event of disability? or does she say that death must be observed?
    Tell the Gabonese people the truth that their usurping president is dead and that we are moving on.

  2. Good evening or hello please have reliable sources because I understand that you are looking for headlines but do not tell things without proof like your brothers of vision 4. I am Gabonese, I live in Libreville the political capital and never what to tell you has not been announced so please take care of the problems of Cameroon, I can give you the subject if you wish. Like the insalubrity in your "jumped" point of sale. The chilli farm? » to mini farm. Etc. You better have pen pals

    1. I couldn't agree with you more.. But my brother you come to Cameroon what you find to do is eat in the spinnerets and look for prostitutes??

  3. There is no truth that time does not reveal. The appointment of Ms. Mibou Obousson does not appear in the Gabonese press. Until 16/11/2018, late at 22 p.m. the press did not talk about it. Time will tell us about the health of "our dear Bongo Ben Ali". 

  4. Whatever your site because it is the vice president who replaces the president and he has already made his council of ministers. Stop with the false information!


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