JIJ: the Ceremony of the 23rd edition ends with the opening of the International Youth Day Fair

The Yaoundé Polyvalent Sports Palace served as the setting for the formal ceremony for the celebration of International Youth Day (JIJ) on August 12. The Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou who presided over this ceremony also proceeded in this same place, to the opening of the Salon of the International Youth Day, arrived at its 7th edition.

The opening remarks of the Mayor of the commune of Yaoundé 2 mark the opening of this ceremony which was attended by some members of the Government. He will without detour express his deep gratitude to the Minister of Youth and Civic Education for having chosen his commune to host this important ceremony... Mrs. Makoudem Tene Marienne Director of the 7th edition of the International Youth Day fair, will take the floor after the Mayor. ''Put the youth first'' was his introductory remark. She recalled the theme of this 7th edition which is “Building models of resilience in young people. ".

She also thanked in turn, the organizing committee of the 7th edition of this fair, Minister Mounouna Foutsou for his support and to ask for even more support for the coming years. “It was not a long calm river, far from it, if I say it is that it is a lie. It was quite difficult, but we held on, because they say that leaders are people who make things happen. Against all odds, we managed to achieve the objective set…”, she confided to the press before continuing: “… So I will say that I just have a feeling of satisfaction, I am full of gratitude, to God, to the Minister who always supports us, to the development partners, also to the young people, the exhibitors who came once again to present their know-how. »

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After the presentation of some exhibitors, it is the turn of the President of the National Youth Council (CNJC) to speak. Recalling first of all the theme of the 23rd edition of the International Youth Day, namely "intergenerational solidarity: creating a world for all ages", Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou expressed his joy for the mobilization of young people from the 10 regions and of the Diaspora as part of the celebration of this day. His gratitude also goes to the place of the President of the Republic for his mark of attention to the place of Youth and to the government of which the ministerial department in charge of youth appears in the first place... The ceremony will be linked with the message from the United Nations to the youth, which is followed by the presentation of the materials and equipment given to MINJEC for the CMPJs by Mrs. Manguele in charge of programs for adolescents at UNFPA.

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In his closing remarks, Minister Mounouna Foutsou expressed his joy and his gratitude to the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training as well as to the Minister for the Promotion of Women and the Family for their presence which shows government solidarity. He also said thank you to the various partners who support this project, as well as the various youth associations who took part in this fair. He also congratulated the Misses who won the various competitions. In his remarks, the Minister Mounouna Foutsou added that the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education will continue to supervise all the young people who participated in this fair. According to him, this year's theme reveals the solidarity that exists between the different generations concerned. The ceremony ended with the Opening of the International Youth Fair by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou.

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