Food hygiene: The dangers of onions

The virtues and benefits of the onion are well established, but its use is not always safe.

The Onion is undoubtedly the ingredient, the most consumed vegetable plant on planet earth.

The virtues and benefits of the onion are well established, but its use is not always safe. Contrary to winamax bonus codes, fun and safety side by side.

The onion is a component of most of the dishes we eat. In a kitchen, modern or vulgar, you can miss everything except the onion and the salt. That is to say how much this seasoning » is prized by humans. But beyond the fact that it enhances the taste of food, the onion also has therapeutic and even prophylactic virtues, in the sense that it can prevent the appearance, development or extension of several diseases. On this subject, testimonies are legion. However, the use of onion is not always safe.

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Indeed, it is dangerous to cut an onion and keep the rest for cooking the next day, because it becomes overnight, a powerful poison, an incubation field for toxic bacteria that can cause stomach infections and even stomach infections. food poisoning. It is for this reason that when food poisoning is detected, the first thing doctors look for is whether the victim has eaten onions and if so, the doctor will also seek to know where this onion came from. .

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Onions are a huge magnet for bacteria, especially uncooked onions. You should never consider saving any sliced ​​onion, not even putting it in a ziplock bag in your refrigerator. It is already so contaminated by being already cut and exposed to the outside, that it can be dangerous for you.

On the other hand, if you take the leftover onions and cook them, you'll feel good, but if you put them straight into your sandwich, you're looking for trouble. On good terms, hello!


  1. Hello,
    Where do you get the info that cut onions are poisonous? If that were the case, all the restaurants would have poisoned half the population, because to save time, all the ingredients are prepared in advance.
    Myself in the family setting, when I prepare a dish, peel it and cut the onions, the shallots, the garlic….to either eat them raw in a salad or fry them, again this Sunday…and I assure you that we are doing well!!!!

    1. Good article but I wonder if… in fact I don't know if you are a doctor or a doctor but will need more research and evidence from the victims.

      Hi !! 😉

  2. Article read and thrown in the trash… Nothing but blah blah from a pseudo veterinarian… Fresh onion, better antibiotics

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