Academic tribute of Pr André Gouaze: The scientific aura of Pr Maurice Aurélien Sosso illuminates Cameroon

Rector of the University of Yaoundé I in the political capital of Cameroon, His Majesty Pr Maurice Aurélien SOSSO, on September 07, 2022, had the honor of delivering academic tributes in memory of Pr André GOUAZE, Founding President of the International Conference of Deans of French-speaking Faculties of Medicine. The illustrious disappeared was also, Honorary Dean of the very posh Faculty of Medicine of Tours in France.

With all the dignity, the measure and the accuracy that we know him, it is rightly that he returned to the Rector of the University of Yaoundé I, Professor Maurice Aurélien SOSSO, himself Full Professor of Universities Hors Échelle, Agrégation in Medicine (French Competition
d'Agrégation de Chirurgie – Paris 1990), to pronounce the academic eulogy. It was September 07, 2022 in Tours (France), in front of an audience of world scientific luminaries of medicine, and having in common the French language. The performance of the Rector of the University of Yaoundé I illuminated the ceremony, and honored Cameroon in which the scientific aeropage, recognized a world-renowned scientist, in the person of His Majesty Professor Maurice Aurélien SOSSO.

Selected pieces of this speech which betrayed in the person of Pr Maurice Aurélien SOSSO, a man of an impressive general culture. A fine connoisseur of academic habits and customs. A model of university governance and with which, the University of Yaoundé I, has never ceased to know its most glorious rankings, and on the continental level, and on the world level.

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 When a child is born, it is already old enough to die, said Martin Heidegger, a German philosopher of the last century. The evidence of such a truth, however, cannot save us from the pain and the great sadness felt very deep in our hearts, before the echo of the void left by the disappearance of this imposing baobab tree of medical science.
On March 25, 2020, when the entire planet was facing a disastrous and unprecedented health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, Professor André GOUAZE, Founding President of the International Conference of Deans of Faculties of Medicine of he French expression, honorary and emblematic Dean of the prestigious Faculty of Tours passed away in his 93rd year. »

“At home in Africa, as the African poet Amadou Ham pâté Ba had said, “when an old man dies, a whole library burns”. No words can console us at the thought of seeing such a precious library burning. I knew and rubbed shoulders with Professor André GOUAZE when I was Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Yaoundé in the 93s. , a look at the evaluation of the Faculties of Medicine and the quality of the training of students and teachers, which he rigorously wanted to improve. It was this privileged professional relationship that led me to become very close to him. Professor André GOUAZE was an eminent neuro-anatomist whose name will remain eternally engraved in gold letters, in the marble tables of French and world medicine. He was a precious scientist who will have expressed his legitimacy and his academic excellence in the field of neuro-anatomy. Its legitimacy in this area will remain marked as an indelible imprint. He will have given everything to preserve lives, to save lives, but above all, to train new generations. Thanks to his pugnacity, insight, tenacity and sagacity, Professor André GOUAZE played a remarkable role in the development of medical education in Tours. He was an exceptional teacher.>>

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  • Living with the lessons of the past: an action plan serving a great cause. The health of man and society, Joué-Les-Tours, 2012.
  • Tomorrow medicine, 1996.
  • A Certain Idea of ​​Medical Power: Power and Responsibility, 1991.>>
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These few selected excerpts are representative of this academic tribute from the Rector of the University of Yaoundé I, His Majesty Professor Maurice Aurélien SOSSO, for the memory of Pr André GOUAZE. A lectern grip that highlighted the global aura of a senior Cameroonian academic, and whose identity merges with medical science: Professor Maurice Aurélien SOSSO. A scholar of great caliber who has always known how to walk in the paths of academic excellence and university modernity, traced by His Excellency Paul Biya the President of the Republic of Cameroon.

Darren Lambo Ebelle,
Higher Normal School of Yaoundé

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