HIV/AIDS Treatment: Roman Catholic NGO To Create More Centers

Prime Minister Philemon Yang yesterday received in audience a senior official of the Community of Sant??Egidio. The Roman Catholic humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisation, the Community of Sant??Egidio founded on February 7, 1968 wants to create more HIV/AIDS treatment centers in Cameroon, assist elderly people and help raise the living standards of

pygmies and other underprivileged people. The President of the humanitarian NGO, Marco Impagliazzo yesterday, July 16 discussed with Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang their activities in Cameroon since its implantation in 1989. Marco Impagliazzo declared to the press after the audience that he was in Cameroon to visit members of the Community of Sant??Egidio spread in all the regions of country, so as to appraise their work in alleviating the plight of the suffering and the underprivileged people. He said one of their key priorities was to extend the treatment of HIV/AIDS to other parts of the country. At the moment, the humanitarian NGO is running the Drug Resource Enhancement Against HIV/AIDS and Malnutrition Center (DREAM) in Dschang in West Cameroon at Hopital Saint-Vincent de Paul des Soeurs de la Charité. ??We are now trying to spread this treatment to other cities. I tried to underline to the Prime Minister the importance of the treatment??, Marco Impagliazzo said. Besides working to improve the spiritual lives of the population, members of the NGO visit and assist children living in underprivileged neighbourhoods, pygmies, street children, orphans, elderly people, beggars and prisoners. The President of the NGO disclosed that they have been working with and assisting prisoners at the Yaounde, Ngaoundere, New Bell Douala and the Garoua Central Prisons, the Mbalmayo and Tcholliré Main Prisons, as well as in the Ebolowa and Ambam Prisons.
Emmanuel KENDEMEH, Cameroon Tribune

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