Gabon: Ali BONGO urgently evacuated to Great Britain?

It was announced that the Gabonese head of state had fully recovered after his rehabilitation in Morocco.

But Ali Bongo appeared leaning on a cane, with a bodyguard monitoring his movements like a nurse monitoring the temperature of a dying patient. He had been unable to make a walkabout despite his cheering fans. A council of ministers followed. And then, nothing.

Where did Ali Bongo go? How is his health? Nothing filters from the presidential palace where First Lady Sylvia Bongo had already taken care to clean up by eliminating prying ears, mouths and eyes. However, the not very reassuring rumors fuse.

The Gabonese press announces an emergency evacuation of the Gabonese head of state, this time towards Great Britain. Ali Bongo would be "very weakened" to the point that the leader would be evacuated to London to receive further treatment following his stroke which occurred in October 2018.

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The state of health of the President of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, has deteriorated considerably, according to the Gabon Review newspaper. “A persistent rumor in recent hours is that he is currently in London, England. The Head of State would have gone there to undergo further treatment. He would feel very weakened, ”explains the newspaper.

On the side of the presidential palace, no one wants to confirm or deny this information. The government spokesman has still not reacted as this news has already spread across the country like wildfire.

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The announcement of Ali Bongo's stroke accident in October 2018 began with a rumor. The government then made an exit to kick the information into touch. But later, had declared that the “President Ali Bongo has a temporary tiredness”. It was only afterwards, when the evacuation was being considered in London, that the Gabonese government admitted the obvious.

The Gabonese newspaper which launched the alert, reveals that more than five months after the start of his health problems, "the President of the Republic has not yet fully recovered". Ali Bongo would have to prove the contrary, at a time when the opposition continues to demand the publication of his health bulletin, a medical counter-expertise, and above all…a power vacuum.


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