FECAVOLLEY: The elections are stopped by the Minister of Sports

President ABOUEM spoke about: "Do not wait for me to seize the judge against the acts of the Minister of Sports" The warning of Julien Serge Abouem following the suspension of the FECAVOLLEY elections.

Since November 14, 2022, when the Minister of Sports and Physical Education invited the Cameroonian Volleyball Federation to postpone its electoral process, everything has been at a standstill there, almost a month. And the indignation would have reached its peak. Some people have also suggested to the president of the Federation to take legal action against his guardianship. But patriot that he is, Julien Serge Abouem radically opposed this Thursday morning.

In his release this Thursday morning, President Julien Serge Abouem of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation first recalled that FECAVOLLEY has scrupulously respected all MINSEP circulars and that MINSEP does not validate the statutes of associations. “The MINSEP in its control role ensures that the texts of our federations comply with the law. I say well to the Law and not to the circulars. he decided on the role of supervision within the National Civil Sports Federations.

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Julien Serge Abouem, also specifies that a member of FECAVOLLEY who has an interest can attack a decision of the President of the Federation in accordance with ministerial instructions and not the Law. “In administrative law, an instruction is explanatory or at the limit interpretative. It does not create law. If it wants to create the law and injure third parties provided for by law, it can be challenged for excess of power or in full litigation, ie for damages or interest before the administrative judge. He explains, emphasizing that in administrative law, the judge rigorously applies the principle "No supervision without text, no supervision beyond the texts." As if to say that the Ministry must exercise its supervision within the framework of the law which specifies in a restrictive way the field and the modalities of exercise of the supervision.

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Despite all this lighting and which makes MINSEP feel guilty, the Cameroonian volleyball boss does not intend to take legal action against his guardianship. “At FECAVOLLEY, we consider supervision as a partner. This implies co-action for the performance and proper execution of the public service mission incumbent on us. So don't wait for me to seize the judge against the acts of the Minister of Sports. “Concluded Julien

Serge Abouem, president of FECAVOLLEY

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