Exclusive: Video of Samuel Eto'o beating up a cameraman in Qatar

What violence! A knee in the face for the unfortunate cameraman who came to attend the great mass of world football in Qatar.

In the world of football, this act of Samuel Eto'o is condemned by all. Samuel is accused of having lacked grandeur and of having tarnished the brand image of Cameroon, his country.

How could we have a humanly good group with such a violent leader? Samuel Eto'o is too impulsive and it is not his first package. has translated for you what the narrator says: “ As the match between Brazil and Korea was ending, Samuel Eto'o leaves the stadium and some supporters approach him. A man then appears who begins to film him. A discussion ensues and immediately the legend of African football and ambassador of the World Cup in Qatar loses his mind. He [Eto'o] rushes at him, and shortly after the camera is taken away from this person, Eto'o gives him a violent blow to a place between the chest and the head it seems . »

Mr. President of Fecafoot, be humanely good to preach a good example. Don't ask people to do things when you can't also respect them. Whatever this cameraman would have said, you had to stay calm because you are a public figure and embodied or you are the image of Cameroon through the Fecafoot that you run.

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Whatever this gentleman said, Samuel Eto'o's gesture is unacceptable. Violence should not be encouraged. Samuel Eto'o is a public person who must show restraint. When the world celebrates him, he is happy, when he is criticized he starts fighting.


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