Exclusive: André ONANA was interviewed by the Director of the Civil Cabinet, Samuel MVONDO AYOLO

The Cameroonian goalkeeper expelled from the den of the indomitable lions during the world cup in Qatar, André ONANA arrived in Cameroon last week.

On the weekend, on the instructions of Paul Biya, he met the director of the civil cabinet, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo who asked him questions about what happened in Qatar for the information of the Head of State.

Subsequently, an investigation was also opened by the General Delegation for National Security into the debacle of the lions in Qatar.

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Several Cameroonians think like Dominique Savio Ottou who is offended: " Messrs. Samuel Eto'o and Rigobert SONG must be the subject of a judicial inquiry following this debacle of the Cameroon team. Eto'o must justify the use of released public funds. Many billions for nothing. He sold the dream to Cameroonians” with BORIS BERTOLT


  1. Isn't this the same Boris Bertolt who told us only two months ago that the funds released for the World Cup will be managed (by decision of the President of the Republic) by the Minister of Sports and by the accounting officer of the Ministry of Finance ?
    Where does it come from that the same tells us today that Eto'o must justify the use of funds which, according to him, have been managed by others?
    Or he us for rednecks without memory?

  2. Boris Bertolt! Thuip!!! Etoo writes his story, somehow. You comment with or without jealousy and hatred. He sold you dreams, so you believe in his dreams? To see your reviews, you do not believe it. Now always on your editorial meme you are asking for accounts for something you didn't believe in. What a paradox. He set goals that he couldn't achieve. He will answer to His employer and not to the disbelievers

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