From Monday Laurent ESSO will have half of the government audition in the management of COVID 19 funds

The couscous of the Ramadan feast was bitter for several members of the government. Others declined the invitations.

Some started getting drunk. Because they are afraid to sell it. Indeed, half of the government has received summonses to the Special Criminal Court in the context of the management of funds allocated by donors, in particular the IMF, in the fight against COVID 19. Including the Prime Minister, Dion Ngute who will be audited in this case.

The IMF granted Cameroon about 250 billion CFA francs in emergency aid to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic. But in return, the financial institution demanded a management audit which was entrusted to the Chamber of Accounts . In March 2021, the Audit Bench, which is still working hard on the ground, sends a progress report or preliminary notes to Paul Biya where it reports massive embezzlement, insider trading and others in the management of COVID 19 fund.


Paul Biya receives the document, reads it and sends it to the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic (SGPR), Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh with the mention: "for judicial investigation". Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh sends on April 7, 2021, to the Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso a letter with the subject: “audit of the funds allocated to the fight against the coronavirus” in which he tells him that on “the high directives of the head of the 'State', the Minister of Justice is asked to open an investigation against the "authors, co-authors, and accomplices of the cases of financial embezzlement" of the embezzlement of Covid-19 funds in Cameroon. But Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh does not send Laurent Esso the elements, in particular the progress report of the accounts chamber on which Paul Biya relied to launch a judicial investigation.

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Meanwhile, other information is made public also involving the SGPR, but also the Prime Minister, Dion Ngute, Atanga Nji or even the Prime Minister's chief of staff. The Minister of Justice seizes Paul Biya to find out if he can have members of the government interviewed.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has still not sent the progress report from the accounts chamber. Surprising nonetheless. On April 22, 2021, the Minister of Justice asked the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic (SG / PR), Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, to “send him the investigative documents of the high jurisdiction.

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Laurent Esso obtains Paul Biya's authorization to have government officials involved in the management of COVID 19 funds interviewed. Very quickly, he informs the president of the TCS, Annie Noëlle Bahounoui Batende, that she has authorization to Paul Biya to open an investigation into donor money in the management of COVID 19 funds.

Annie Noëlle Bahounoui Batende is an iron lady. Magistrate, it was she who had caused an outcry in the Republic by throwing in prison a member of the government in office Louis Bapes Bapes, then minister of secondary education accused of embezzlement. He was released on the instructions of Paul Biya.

As soon as she receives the instruction, the president of the TCS instructs OKO petis Joel, Head of Investigations Division in the Specialized Corps of Judicial Police Officers of the Special Criminal Court to summon the ministers and similar involved in the management of the funds of the IMF.

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The convocations were addressed in cascade to half of the government. Hearings continue on Monday. A TCS investigator underlines: “they must have known that we are not playing with donors' money”. Especially since the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze is currently negotiating a new agreement with the IMF.


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  1. The minjus does not necessarily need to receive the progress report from the accounts chamber with the SGPR, whereas it can contact this chamber directly. Unless he would need express authorization from the PR who is in charge of the arbitration.

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