Discover the 30 senators newly appointed by Paul Biya: a political renewal in Cameroon?


President Paul Biya announced on March 31, 2023 the appointment of 30 senators to represent the different regions of the country.

This decision marks a new stage in the composition of the Cameroonian Senate. Learn about the names of appointed senators and what they will bring to the national political landscape.

Regional Representation of Appointed Senators

The senators were chosen to represent the ten regions of Cameroon, namely Adamaoua, Centre, East, Far North, Littoral, North, North West, West, South and the southwest. Each region is assigned three senators, reflecting the geographical diversity of the country.

Senators from Adamaoua, Center and East

For the Adamaoua region, senators Mohaman Gabdo Yaya, Moussa Sabo and Oumarou Massadou have been appointed. The Center will be represented by Pongmoni Jean-Marie, Nkili Robert and Sournack Henriette. As for the Eastern region, senators Ze Nguélé René, Diwala Hilarion and Abui Marlyse have been appointed.

The Far North, the Littoral and the North

Mabamat Bahamarouf, Maloum and Njorwé Paulin will represent the Far North, while the Littoral will be represented by Mouen Diboundje Ernest, Etamè Massoma David and Ngayap Pierre Flambeau. For the North region, Aboubakary Abdoulaye, Hayatou Aïcha Pierrette and Tizi Tourba Yves have been appointed.

North West, West and South

Foncha Fah Isaac, Moundi Elisabeth and Vanigansen have been chosen to represent the North West. Niat Njifendi Marcel, Chatué Emmanuel and Mbombo Njoya Saidou have been designated for the West. Finally, Ngalingoa Pierre Henri, Menye Ondo François Xavier and Bisseck Paulette will represent the South region.

South West Senators

For the South West, Andja Simon, Ekoko Mukete and Leke Bissongo Akemfor Philippe have been appointed to sit in the Senate.

The impact of the appointments on Cameroonian politics

These appointments aim to strengthen regional representation and bring a new dynamic to the Cameroonian Senate. It will be interesting to follow the evolution of debates and political decisions within this new assembly and to assess the impact of these choices on the governance of the country.


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