Military Women's Football World Cup: Cameroon in the final

After the big victory of the national team (8-0) against Belgium on the night of Tuesday to yesterday, they will have to face the leader of group B next Friday.

The Indomitable Military Football Lionesses are trying to make history. It will not only be that of Cameroonian football, but of Africa. They have qualified for the final of the Women's Military Football World Cup, which kicked off on July 11. And to get there, the Cameroonians had a flawless run in the group stage, with impressive statistics. Four matches for as many victories; 25 goals scored, only one conceded, for 12 points in total. Positioning itself as the best attack and best defense in the competition. A performance not yet achieved by an African selection at the Women's Military Football World Cup. The last victim of the Indomitable Military Lionesses was the Belgian Military Red Devils, this Tuesday, July 19, 2022, during the last match of Pool A. The Indomitable Lionesses beat their opponents with 8 goals to 0.

Brenda Tabe was the author of a quadruple. Opening the score from the penalty spot in the 8th minute of play, before continuing with other goals successively. At the same time bringing his capital to 8 goals already during this Military World Cup. Her teammates will follow the path traced to worsen the score up to 8 goals, without giving the slightest opportunity to the Belgian players to violate their nets. Leader of group A ahead of the United States, Germany, Ireland and Belgium, the military Lionesses will play the final of the Women's Military Football World Cup on the night of Friday to Saturday next. The opponent of the Cameroonians being expected from the confrontation between France, defending champion, and South Korea. At the time of going to press, the match had yet to be played. Confidence Bongben, a military lioness, knows that a final is won: “We know it won't be easy. But, we are going to put all the efforts into play as we have done so far, to be able to win this final. Our prayers as a manager of the Lord is that he will help us win this trophy”.

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Colonel Raymond Serge Kaole Aléokol, head of Cameroon's delegation to the Military World Cup, director of sports, cultural and artistic activities at the Ministry of Defence, takes a look at this performance of his elements: "We are qualified for the final of the Women's Military Football World Cup, which is a great first for an African country. It is a great relief, a great satisfaction that inspires us all here. Beyond the victories garnered, we made an impression by eliminating great nations from world football, like the United States and Germany”. The person in charge of military sports also gives the source of these victories: "This success is mainly to be credited to the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, who insisted on translating into action the very high instructions of the Chief of the State, Head of the Armed Forces, sparing no effort so that we can, from February 2022, select coaches and players in complete peace of mind, according to their performance, their state of mind, discipline and cohesion. So, there is also reason to warmly congratulate these girls and the management, who have remained focused on our objectives to allow our dear and beautiful country to be able to dream of a final victory, ”he explained. Whether it is France or South Korea, Cameroonians want to bring the trophy home.

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“We have no fear”
Mike Ndoumou, coach of the Military Lionesses
I'm very happy, because we didn't sell our skin at a high price and that's my great pride today. I am happy with the work done and my daughters day by day apply the instructions and the result is what it is. Compared to the final, after the second game, I had already considered that we had to get there. We have made arrangements by having the girls play so that they keep the spirit of competition. This is why we have no fear in relation to this final. We will approach it naturally like all the other matches, without pressure, without haste and gradually we will play our game and believe that victory will be there.
“Bring the trophy back to Cameroon”
Wanki Rita, Military Lioness
Yes. We have qualified for the final and I must tell you that the spirit of the girls is good. We are now turned towards this final. When we left Cameroon for here, our goal was to win the trophy. Here we are in the final and we will do everything we can to bring the trophy back to Cameroon, with the blessing of God.
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Ranking of the goalscorers of the competition

1st Brenda Tabe (Cameroon) 8 goals
2nd Heley Robertson (USA) 6 goals
3rd ex Morgan Duporze (France), Sarah Palacin (France), Raïssa Nnaga (Cameroon), Eto'o (Cameroon), Bongben Confidence (Cameroon) and Mbomozomo (Cameroon), 3 goals each

Competition winners

2001 in the Netherlands, Germany winner
2002 in Kingston, Canada, United States winner
2003 in Warendorf in Germany, Germany winner
2004 in the United States, Netherlands winner
2006 Netherlands win at home
2007 in Hyderzbad, India, North Korea winner
2008 in the Netherlands, Germany wins the gold medal
2009 in the United States, Brazil wins
2010 in France, Brazil winner
2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil winner
2012 in Germany, home win
2015 in Mungyong, South Korea, victory for Brazil
2016 in France, victory for the French women

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