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  1. Cement Carter in Cameroon?? This last week we have seen how Medcem sold clinker to Cimencam, how Cimencam gaves to Dangote clinker for after give back and how Medcem also haves clinker to Dangote.
    Clinker is the raw material imported to produce cement mixing pozzolana and gypsum.
    That sinergia between the two biggest companies and Medcem it's a share market between them? This situation is not the first time we saw, but the curious thing is the players who are doing it.
    Seems Medcem is making profit of the weakness of Dangote and Cimencam to bring raw materials and making his own interest.
    Dangote and Cimencam are the two bigger producers in Cameroon being so surprising that both companies at the same time buy clinker locally and also transfer between them.
    Benoit Galichet the CEO of Cimencam has been investigated last year for several charges about tax evasion and price transfer in clinker imports to avoid duty payments, and. Ow seems he still felt comfortable doing this kind of business.
    Dangote new country manager, with lack of experience in the industry and a lot of appetite to do Curriculum, has been RIP off by Cimencam or really he is following Cimencam Carter behavior? Really confusing situation.
    Medcem since arrived Caneroon disclosing money with a really reduced production, is the company trying to make a new business selling locally raw materials imported? Company was to be sell in 2018 and Dangote and also Cimencam showed interest in buy Medcem Caneroon but the negotiations never arrived to the right place. Maybe amedcem is trying to get sinergias for later to be bought or only wants to be part of the Carter created by Dangote and Cimencam?? This questions will be answered with time.
    To follow this, Medcem is a partnership between Turkish Medem and camerounian company. The camerounian company is Quiferou, which business is to import and sale different type of building construction. Quiferou never had sell Danfote cement since company opened, but since new country manager arrived we show the sales points of Quifwrou with Dangote cement. It's a really curious all this and the coincidence smells so much.
    Hope that at least, even if it's a Cement Carter, they keep cement peice lower.

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  3. ECANOR (Cameroonian Establishment for Standardization) is a project that aims to rent to Companies in the (Wood Furniture Furniture) Sector of Cameroon operating licenses because they need them to emerge.
    But, here in our administrative offices, the files are only processed according to your wallet because they have set up a barrier there which they call "PAYING" whatever the importance of your project to develop our Republic, you must pay and proportionally the value of your file, since when did administrative services become chargeable.
    And justice above all, it's carnage because they are no longer afraid. I have proof if you want it I will send it to you.

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