Cameroon: A young man killed by his mother's lover in Djoum

The young man was shot at point-blank range with a shotgun as he intervened in a violent fight between his parent and his partner.

The facts take place on Thursday, November 24, 2022 in the Akonetyé village of the Zaman canton, Djoum district, Dja and Lobo department. A young man is brutally snatched from life by his mother's lover using a shotgun. The young man shot at close range with a hunting rifle in broad daylight having tried to defend his mother lying under the blows of her lover. The latter having taken very badly the interference of the son of his concubine in their couple problems, went to arm himself with a shotgun.

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A version confirmed by our sources close to the investigation in Djoum. On the same day of Thursday, November 24, 2022, Michel Brice Patrick Noah, sub-prefect of the district of Djoum descended on the scene of the crime accompanied by his staff. The presumed assassin arrested, is currently meditating his fate at the Djoum gendarmerie brigade. Waiting to be brought and placed under committal order at the main prison of the city.

The body of the young man brutally torn from life was deposited in the morgue of the Djoum district hospital. According to our source close to the investigation, “the alleged assassin lived in concubinage with the woman in the village of the latter. The woman having made children with other men before living in concubinage with her parents with the alleged assassin”.

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Our source continues: “According to testimonies collected in the Akonetyé village, the alleged assassin had become the executioner of his concubine. On the menu, caning and torture on a daily basis. A spectacle attended helplessly by the children of the woman”. Until the dramatic day of Thursday, November 24, 2022, when one of the woman's sons, who could not bear to see his mother suffer from the violent blows dealt to her by the alleged assassin her lover, went to intervene in the fight to defend his parent.

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  1. protect women in Africa; men take themselves for lords. Go further in sanctions even if it means responding with the death penalty for criminals.

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