Cameroon: A street child imprisoned in Kondengui for calling a minister a "chichard"


The Cameroonian capital, Yaoundé, witnessed a startling incident involving a government minister and a street child.

The young man, nicknamed Badi alias "man bassa'a", was imprisoned in Kondengui central prison for having called the minister a "chichard" after an incident in a supermarket.

The dispute between the minister and the street child

The conflict erupted when Badi blamed the minister for throwing a money note on the ground for street children to argue, thus treating them like animals. The insult uttered by Badi was not well received by the minister, who ordered the arrest of the young man.

Badi's arrest and detention

Following the incident, elements of the police station of the 10th arrondissement of Bastos were sent to arrest Badi. He was held without a warrant for nearly two weeks before being transferred to Kondengui central prison.

Badi's Trial in the Magistrate's Court

Since his incarceration in Kondengui, Badi has appeared before the Yaoundé Court of First Instance. The circumstances surrounding the case raise questions about how authorities handle incidents involving street children and politicians.

Call for justice and respect for human rights

This event highlights the need to respect human rights and ensure fair treatment for all citizens, regardless of their social position. It is crucial that the justice system acts fairly and transparently to protect the rights of every individual, including street children.

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