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Cameroon: All you need to know about approval procedures for innovative products


For better performance in the construction and maintenance of roads, the government sets conditions.

Defined as soil stabilization or pavement cold coating products, used in the construction, rehabilitation or maintenance of roads, in addition to or as a substitute for the usual materials, because of their economic profitability or their physical performance. -mechanics, innovative products play a key role in road construction. Within the meaning of Decree No. 2016/0818 of April 20, 2016, the Minister of Public Works has approved ten (10) innovative products, including two cold pavement coating products (CARBONCOR and QUICKFIX IRR); seven road soil stabilizing products (CON AID CBR PLUS; ROCAMIX; CONSOLID; ECOROADS; PAVEMENT COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY; CITYLAND 2007 and TOP SEAL) and the geosynthetics of the HUESKER system (HATELITE AND DUOGRID).

According to the texts in force, the approval procedure for innovative products essentially comprises four main stages, in particular " 1- certification of product conformity by a structure approved by Anor in the country of origin before its entry into Cameroon; 2) presentation of the product to the Ministry of Public Works (MINTP) by its promoter; 3) the characterization of the product by Labogenie at the promoter's expense, in order to verify that it corresponds to that described in the technical sheets; 4) the production of a test board with the product at the promoter's expense, with a view to to confirm its performance) “However, the use of innovative products is provided for in the Tender Documents. Two major constraints must be removed for their effectiveness: the availability of the product and compliance with the implementation.

Clearly, the availability of the product presupposes an investment that potential partners must agree to (many simply exercise representation in order to obtain approval), while the implementation must be respected to obtain convincing results ( which assumes compliance with the associated technical requirements).

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  1. Nice initiative on the part of the state of Cameroon. However, is the procedure for importing or representing the brand of only one of its products not long?

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