Cameroon – ONE ALL SPORTS: The first signs of a vast organized crime operation

In terms of financial crime, three elements are analyzed: the customer, the geography and the activities.

The client can identify his level of seriousness and credibility. Geography makes it possible to detect whether he works in a country with high levels of criminal activity and the products consist of tracking all the activities, transactions and services rendered in order to limit the risks. The more the profile of a client is not serious, the more the country evolves is identified as dangerous, the more the activities are blurred, the more the financial institutions recommend to cancel any collaboration with the individual or the company. Here is the case of the alleged new equipment supplier of the Indomitable Lions ONE ALL SPORTS (1st part):

David Mendelsohn

Who is David Mendelsohn? Basic research on this individual yields absolutely no information. Rare for a so-called "businessman" who would be at the head of a "big brand" as FECAFOOT would have you believe.

The only publicly available information about him is that which he himself has posted on his Likeldn profile. Allegedly of American nationality and residing in Thailand, it is not known in which state he was born in the United States, nor in which city he grew up. On the other hand, you have to look at Australia where in an interview in 2018, he says he grew up alongside his father. He gives no information about this "great Mendelsohn family", nor his father's company which, as he claims, was very large and employed... 100 people. His academic background is even more vague. He claims to have gone to Craanbrook High School in Sydney which is the equivalent of high school in the French system from 1985 to 1998. That is to say for 13 years. Problem: we don't know which Craanbrook it is. In addition, he spent 13 years in high school instead of 4 years as is the case in the Anglo-Saxon system. Imagine a student in 3th grade who says it took 13 years to finally get his baccalaureate. Nothing afterwards.

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Even more fishy, ​​no academic study. His name is not mentioned anywhere as a former student at a university in the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom. Its activities are mainly located in Thailand. However in 2012, Thailand was placed on the blacklist of money laundering platforms in the world. Over the past seven years, David Mendelsohn has created a multitude of companies of which he remains Managing Director to this day.

Since June 2021, he has been the Thailand sales manager of an Australian company Sun Zapper which manufactures deodorants and lotions. January 2021, he creates the company INVESTOR of which he is general manager to allegedly manage investments. August 2020, he becomes CEO of a company called CRYO. In 2014, he founded the company Empire LUX which allegedly does real estate. All of these activities are not only located in Thailand, but in areas identified by financial crime institutions and agencies as high risk. Moreover, it is recognized that money laundering also takes place through the creation of multiple companies which are in reality facades (Front office” making it possible to hide the real beneficiaries (beneficial owners).


If David Mendelsohn's academic and professional career is unclear, his company ONE ALL SPORTS, which has just won the national selection equipment market at FECAFOOT, is still a big mystery. First of all, it is not an equipment manufacturer in the proper sense of the term with factories around the world. Themselves emphasize on their website that they are: “Online merchandising and brand licensing company”. That is to say, they can buy production licenses from OEMs (Nike, Puma, Adidas, Coq Sportif, Lamborguini and others) and resell them mainly from their online sales platform. He himself states in his interview that "One Allsports was designed at the back of our manufacturer (OEM) Jingzhu International Co's clothing factory in Danyang, China". In easy French, Jingzhu International Co is the one that manufactures the clothes in China on behalf of One All Sports, which then resells them on its website.

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But until now ONE ALL SPORTS was limited only as they themselves indicate on their site to “online e-commerce to provide multi-brand motorsport products to the four corners of the world”. It is therefore a simple retailer of motorsport jerseys on the internet which is presented by FECAFOOT as the new equipment supplier of the indomitable lions.

We know that serious equipment manufacturers have offices all over the world and especially in the major capitals or in the countries where they operate. ONE ALL SPORTS has no officially known office in the world. Not even in Thailand where David Mendelsohn resides. With the exception of David Mendelsohn, no one is known who works or has worked for this company in the world. Yet she claims to have 20 years of experience. Even more worrying while David Mendelsohn would reside in Thailand, his company would be housed in a post office box on the side of London, England. That is to say, Ebanga creates his company in Yaoundé and will house his post office box to receive his letters in Mora.

The icing on the cake, at a time when all companies and brands are investing in social networks, One All Sports does not have a twitter account, is followed by a few thousand people on Instagram (only anonymous people) and for the end , its Facebook page was created on Friday at 20 p.m., that is to say two hours after the official press release from FECAFOOT on the choice of the new equipment supplier.

The FECAFOOT press release speaks of an “annual sum much higher than that offered by the other contenders”. For this, ONE ALL SPORTS would have to be in intense activity to the point of generating income. Otherwise, the question arises where this money will come from. So we discover that since its creation, this company has equipped only two teams which have no prestigious career in Formula 1. Moreover who fled. This is Virgin Racing created in 2009 before becoming Marissa in 2011 after a takeover by the Russians. Marussia will leave formula 1 for formula E. That is to say the races of electric cars. Just like the Indian Mahindra who will leave Formula 1 for Formula E.

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Keep calm, beyond online sales, the first sponsorship of ONE ALL STARS dates back to 2014 and it was with Marussia. That is, only eight years ago. Today Marussia is in Formula E. Then there was JAGUAR RACING in 2018 where One All Sports provides the jerseys and still in Formula E. Then nothing.

Where can the resources come from for such a company that has almost no activities? Because between 2018 and 2021, ONE ALL SPORTS declared taxes to be dormant. That she recorded no income. How a company which for 4 years has not carried out any activity, has had no customers will pay billions of CFA francs to FECAFOOT? Where did they get this money if not money from organized crime?


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