Cameroon- Obituaries: Singer DJENÈ DJENTO joins Ekambi Brillant in the land of silence


The world of Cameroonian music still struck by death. The musician artist DJENÈ DJENTO, has just learned, died following a cardiac arrest.

According to our sources, the author of the famous title “DEBROUSAILLER” released from the bins in 1984, was the victim of a malaise, when he had already left his native Coast, to go to Dschang (region of West Cameroon ) where he was to perform. The singer broke his guitar in Loum hospital, in the Moungo department, Littoral region of Cameroon.

We invite you to listen to “DéBROUSSAILLER”, the most legendary of all DJENÈ DJENTO titles. A title released 38 years ago, which praised agriculture as a convincing source of income. A tribute to farmers.

We will come back to it.

Darren Lambo Ebelle /

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