Cameroon: Maurice Kamto at the Military Tribunal

The president and members of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon were taken out of prison yesterday.

The city of Yaoundé was still under high security yesterday, February 26, 2019. From the stewardship crossroads through the Central Post Office, the deployment
was impressive. Police and gendarmes were on the lookout with a riot truck in good position ready to vomit water. " Enough to
are we afraid? “Asks a curious stunned. And his interlocutor for the occasion to answer: Maurice Kamto is at the Military Court. the
President of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc) was actually at the Yaoundé Military Court. Arrived at 10:30 a.m., he left around 12:30 p.m. under the gaze of many curious people. The observation made by certain sympathizers who stayed around was very telling: "The hearing did not last", according to the spokesperson for the penalty taker, Olivier Bibou Nissack, met a few minutes later at the Court of Appeal of Center.
The council challenged the capacity of the Military Tribunal to judge Maurice Kamto as a civilian. This is undoubtedly what could explain this conciseness.

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While waiting to be fixed on the rest of the procedure, lawyers deported themselves to the High Court (Tgi) and the Small Court
body (Tpi) to support other people arrested during the "white march" of January 26. At the level of the Tgi, the 19 militants looked great. The smiling and cheerful faces reflected the state of mind of each other. The atmosphere is good-natured in an environment where the dock saw other people pass by. “The guys don't have any problems.

They are all comfortable. The Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon rhymes with solidarity and accuracy in the act", welcomes an activist who came
boost the morale of his party comrades. At the entrance of Me Emmanuel Simh and certain lawyers won over to their cause, a smile was drawn on
faces as a sign of serenity and confidence. Outside, militants, sympathizers of the party of the rebirth or members of the
family arrived gradually. Some held small bags containing food in their hands. A lady came in holding a plastic.
This package contained chocolates and cookies. “Our activists eat well. They need energy and strength to hold their heads up high.
In this context, moral support is important otherwise they can crack. They know we are there. They are serene and inflated to block ",
rejoices an activist. In the ranks of many curious people who came to attend the various trials, we wonder about the fate that will be reserved
to these young people. The procedure is taking its course.

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Moretti at the heart of the exchanges

Mobilized, the teams of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon are working for the release of their militants. He is not the shadow of any
doubt that the council of Maurice Kamto et Cie is made up of high-flying tribunes. Pending the start of the hearing today (yesterday February 26, 2019,
Editor's note), activists and supporters of this political party were delighted with the arrival of the French lawyer, Me Dupond-Moretti in the case. “He is known for his striking power. He will bring the file to the level of Geneva. You have Me Simh, Me Souop and the other brilliant lawyers already on file. The French Me Dupond-Moretti is a plus on the international level, ”satisfies another confident activist. The members of the Mrc present welcome the arrival of the French lawyer.

Soliere Champlain Paka

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  1. May strength and wisdom always guide the people of Southern Cameroon (AMBAZONIA). Freedom is a human right.

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