Cameroon: Sports Minister Mouelle Kombi informs FIFA of the vacancy at the head of Fecafoot

It is the soap opera of all the twists and turns worthy of the hit Hollywood series 24h Chrono by Kiffer Sutherland. Between the Ministry of Sports and FECAFOOT, the expression: "In war as in war" takes on its full meaning and Narcisse Kombi Mouelle, the Minister of Sports has just demonstrated it.

Indeed, a few days ago, the influential president of FECAFOOT Samuel Eto'o elected in December 2021 was sentenced in Spain to twenty-two months in prison for tax evasion. A case which is not isolated, especially since stars like Leonel Messi have also been convicted in this context.

However, the case falls badly for Samuel Eto'o who does not only have friends and that is an understatement. Thus, based on the texts of FECAFOOT, the Minister of Sports, Narcisse Kombi Mouelle, sent at the end of June 2022, a few days after the conviction of Samuel Eto'o, a letter to the FIFA where he indicates that according to the texts of FECAFOOT, there is a vacuum of power at the head of the Federation.

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As a legal associate, Narcisse Kombi Mouelle relies on Article 46 relating to the Special Conditions of Eligibility of the President of FECAFOOT which stipulates that: "Can be a candidate for the presidency of FECAFOOT, any Cameroonian of either sex aged at least twenty-one (21) years and at most seventy (70) years of age and fulfilling the general eligibility conditions provided for in the statutes”.

However, in article 36 relating precisely to the general conditions of eligibility, it is stated: "c) not to have been sentenced to a final custodial sentence
without suspension for more than three (03) months; d) not to have been sentenced to a final custodial sentence accompanied by simple suspension or with probation for more than six (06) months”.

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But Samuel Eto'o has a sentence of more than six months. One could have replied to Kombi Mouelle that the conviction came after Samuel's election. The associate in law points out to FIFA that Article 47 of the statutes of FECAFOOT provides that: "The post of President will be considered vacant in the event of death, resignation, exclusion, or if the said President finds himself in situation of incompatibility or ineligibility during the term of office”

For Narcisse Kombi Mouelle who is also a professor of law, on the basis of the texts of FECAFOOT, there is a vacuum of power.

"False" disputes a close friend of Samuel Eto'o, member of the FECAFOOT executive committee, who also points out that it is "an erroneous and biased interpretation of the texts by Samuel's opponents who want to prevent him from renovating Cameroonian football”.

Tension is therefore high between the two camps. In order to avoid being accused of interference in the affairs of a sports federation, Narcissist Kombi Mouelle adopting the strategy of poncepilatism asks Gianni Infantino, friend of Samuel Eto'o, if FIFA and the Cameroonian government share the same interpretation of the statutes of FECAFOOT.

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