Cameroon: Minesec closes 134 colleges for clandestinity

These institutes do not respect the conditions of creation, opening or operation.

Three texts by the Minister of Secondary Education, Pauline Nalova Lyonga, signed on August 9, 2022, aim to bring order to the private education sector in Cameroon. The first closes a total of 118 clandestine institutes, spread over six of the ten regions throughout the country. It is observed that colleges, including those created by the churches, "operate without permission". The Littoral region leads the pack, with 53 establishments, followed by the Centre, 38 colleges. Adamaoua has 2, West 6, South 7 and East 10. No doubt creations prompted by the influx of internally displaced students from the Noso crisis and the poor quality of services in most public establishments. .

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On the other hand, others have “stopped working”. In a second note, the Minister speaks of “unilateral closure” because her services have noticed that 16 colleges with accreditations are no longer able to offer the expected services. A final note closes cycles and courses opened without authorization in 2 colleges in the West and 3 in the Centre.

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