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Cameroon: Dr. Fridolin Nke says he received three big slaps at Semil


Fridolin Nke says he is being held against his will in military security facilities. This philosophy teacher has been advocating for several weeks for the return of peace to the North West and South West regions.

A three-minute 15-second video has been circulating the web since September 20, 2021. The image features the philosopher Fridolin Nke who is visibly in difficulty in military service. This teacher at the University of Yaoundé I claims to be in the office of the head of the Military Security Division against his will. “They arrested me and forced me to make this video by force. Instead of having a debate with a philosopher, we slap him. I am against war in the North West and South West. I am against the death of Cameroonians. I want us to find a solution to this war, I am ready to put my philosophical energy into this debate. I say it in this office despite all the violence I have been the victim of”, says the philosopher Nke.

The teacher has been leading an awareness campaign on social networks for two months for a ceasefire in the North-West and South-West regions hit since 2016 by a socio-political crisis. The said crisis which continues to cause damage on a human level on the side of civilians as well as on the side of law enforcement.

What can be described as the Colonel Bamkoui against Fridolin Nke affair started two months ago in July 2021. On Saturday July 10, 2021, the philosopher announced on his facebook page that he was going to go live the following day at 17 p.m. to talk about the head of the Military Security Division. A day after this publication announcing the live, a telephone exchange between the university teacher and the head of the Military Security Division went around the web. In this "violent" telephone exchange, the director of Sémil warns the academic to give up his plan to do a live on him and on the army. Except that the university teacher did not let it go by reminding his interlocutor that he is a public figure and anyone can talk about him.

Following the telephone exchange between the two protagonists, Fridolin Nke received a summons to appear on July 21, 2021 at the Military Security Division. He is accused of this as a motive: incitement to insurrection and mutiny within the defense forces. The philosopher had refused to respond to the summons addressed to him. Summoning the philosopher to Military Security had been described by several politicians and human rights defenders as a method of intimidating a free thinker. Yesterday the International Ong Mandela Center denounced the barbarity and brutality of which the philosopher is a victim in the premises of military security. When we were going to press; Dr. Fridolin Nke was released and taken to a hospital.

Prince Nguimbous

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