Fridolin Nke

Cameroon: Colonel Joel Emile BAMKOUI plans to summon Fridolin Nke to SEMIL


Yesterday, an audio tape was made public where you can listen to a violent exchange between two people. On one side, Dr. Fridolin Nke and Colonel Bamkoui, head of SEMIL. In this exchange, the SEMIL leader does not hide his anger towards the university teacher.

What we know for the moment is that it all started with a post on Facebook by Dr. Fridolin NKE who announced a live broadcast on Colonel Joel Emile Bamkoui of SEMIL. Subsequently he was contacted by Bamkoui who asks him this question: “Why are you talking about me”. To Fridolin NKE to answer: "You are a public man, why shouldn't we talk about you". Colonel Joel Emile Bamkoui makes threats that he seems to want to carry out.

According to our sources, Fridolin NKE, except last minute change could be summoned in the next few hours to Military Security for: "Incitement to insurrection and mutiny in the defense and security forces in time of war".


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