Lady Ponce and Roger X-Maleya

Cameroon: Lady Ponce and Roger X-Maleya united


These two vocal singers have been delighting music lovers for years with love songs that give chills to each listen.

She is one of the best musical collaborations in Cameroon. She is the duo Roger from the group X-Maleya and Lady ponce, promoter of the cultural space Ponce attitude. It was in 2015 with the hit "Kum Kum" that this adventure between the Bitkutsi diva and the X-Maleya group, composed at that time of Hais, Auguste and Roger, Samuel Eto'o's "favorite" trio, began. Excerpt from her album "Bain de sons", Adèle Ruffine Ngono will share her stage with her talented artists from which will emerge a hit which today has 1 million views on the YouTube download platform.

Seven years later, precisely in 2021, these lovebirds will still lend themselves to the game of the microphone and the recording studio for the happiness of the fans.
Giving birth for a second time to another musical baby entitled "Don't forget". From mother Lady Ponce and father the leader of the group X-Maleya, this opus extracted from the seventh album “Supreme” of the queen of kidney strokes, provides their audience with a nostalgic love song. Where the two lovers promise not to forget how they met, how they planned to carry out projects and remember how simple it was when they started to love each other.

Directed by Mr Tcheck, this sound is now on the Play List of Djs during wedding celebrations with regard to its message and its harmonious rhythm combining neo makossa with the rhythm of makouné, the two artists make intertwined couplets where the Ewondo rubs shoulders with Bassa'a and French. Available since April 28, 2021 on download platforms, this featuring is undoubtedly one of the most worked collaborations of this album of the "Ponceuse".

musical soul mates

Despite the bad weather, this union remains and remains a perfect match until today. As proof, two months ago, Roger and Adèle Ruffine welcomed a third musical newborn entitled "If I could". Unfortunately, the clip is not yet available, this title speaks again and again of love to the very soft rhythm of the piano of Hais. Allowing their voices to intertwine with a sweetness that would give chills. Sung in the Bassa'a and French languages, this collaboration presents Roger and Lady Ponce as kindred spirits musically speaking. From her real name Adèle Ruffine Ngono, Lady Ponce was born on July 24, 1983 in Mbalmayo in the Center region of Cameroon.

Cameroonian singer and lyricist, she revealed herself to the public in 2004 with her title "The belly and the lower belly". To date, she has 7 albums to her credit, including the seventh, titled Suprême, which was released on January 1, 2020. Since then, she has won several national and musical distinctions. While Roger Samning was born on April 24 in the town of Libamba in the Littoral region of Cameroon. Spokesperson for the group X-Maleya, he stands out for his strong and rich artistic participation in the group's musical compositions. A hard worker and a very good composer, his strong personality makes him very respectful, humble and a joker.

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