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Cameroon – Jersic 2015: public-private partnership strengthened


The 5th edition of the Days of Excellence in Scientific Research and Innovation (Jersic) 2015 organized by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (Minresi) from November 10 to 12 in Yaoundé, was crowned by resolutions that integrate the development approach of the business world.
Through the “High Level Dialogue on Strengthening Public-Private Partnership” platform, there has been fruitful collaboration between stakeholders, and particularly between institutional research and the business world. Thus, at the end of the three days of reflection, exchanges and communications on the theme proposed by the public authorities for the Jersic 2015: "Research-Development: focus on innovation", the experts, researchers and business leaders have taken a number of resolutions. In particular: the commitment of the business world to support the Fund for the Development of Scientific Research and Innovation through the consent of innovation royalties; the establishment of a framework for permanent consultation between the private sector and the research and innovation system, to be sustained within the framework of the high-level government-private sector dialogue platform; the adherence of the business world to the strategy of the public authorities to set up a financing mechanism, the National Fund for Scientific Research and Innovation; and the establishment of an institutional framework for the follow-up and implementation of the resolutions resulting from the dialogue of this 5th edition of the Jersic.
Showcase results. More than in the past, the fair-exhibition organized for three days at the esplanade of the town hall of Yaoundé, showcased innovations consumable by development and important commercial applications, capable of consolidating new markets, and to create wealth and jobs, especially for young people: organic food products, cosmetics, agro-pastoral, industrial, therapeutic; construction materials ; renewable energy sources... This is proof, if it were still needed, that the results of research coming out of laboratories and incubators are transferred more to economic sectors and contribute to the promotion of the culture of innovation. in Cameroonian society.

Excellence Awards
For its great discovery in the dairy field, the team of researchers from the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (Irad) led by Professor Henri Dieudonné Bayemi Pougué won the "Golden Lion for Scientific Excellence". special grand prize of the President of the Republic, worth 10 million CFA francs. While the invention of an automatic electric machine for shelling pistachios in record time won the "Golden Lion for Innovation", a special prize for young people, worth 10 million CFA francs, to the 1000-year-old Tinzoh Divine Asua (independent researcher from the city of Buea, in the South West region). In addition to these main prizes, there were other awards worth 000 Fcfa to 500 Fcfa. And finally, Ernest Simo, the Cameroonian from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa), guest of honor at this solemnity, received the “Indomitable Lion for Research” prize. According to Minister Madeleine Tchuinté, these awards are part of the "concrete plan to create several thousand jobs" announced some time ago by the Head of State. Once again, the pharmacist reiterated that the government will fully play its role in promoting scientific excellence and innovation. Before making an appointment in 000, for the 2017th edition.

Word to the winners and the NASA expert

Henri Dieudonné Bayemi Pougué, Irad team manager, winner of the ''Golden Lion of Scientific Excellence'' (10 million FCFA)
“I thank the President of the Republic for this award”
“Our research consisted in increasing milk production in Cameroon, from the artificial crossing of three liters of milk from our traditional cows, and obtaining 15 liters. Which means five times the usual milk production. Since Cameroonians need to consume a lot of milk, from this research, it is possible to increase the production of this food. And therefore, it will lead to the reduction of milk imports in our country. This is an opportunity for me to thank the President of the Republic for this award. And I also say thank you to the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, to the whole team and to the Director General of Irad (Institute of Agricultural Research for Development, Editor's note). The 10 million that we have just received will be used to continue the research and to motivate the team of researchers”.

Tinzoh Divine Asua, independent researcher, winner of the ''Golden Lion of Innovation'' (10 million FCFA)
“A large part of the 10 million will be used for research”
“The award received today is the reward for the good work done. This is the automatic pistachio shelling machine that I made. For the moment, I have not yet estimated the cost of this device. In terms of technical performance, this electric machine takes 25 kilograms of pistachios to shell depending on the time programming (20, 25 or 40 minutes), depending on the quality of the seed desired at the end of the process. But, I think once the machine is available, the public will be informed of its cost. While waiting to think carefully about the use of the 10 million FCFA that I have just received, I can say that a large part of these funds will be used for research. Already in 2000, I had the prize for the best young Cameroonian inventor offered by the World Intellectual Property Organization. At the time, I had worked on the transmitter and the multi-receiver of radio signals.”

Ernest Simo, the Cameroonian expert at NASA (USA), "These awards are a good method to encourage new researchers"
“The Jersic are an event that encourages and holds the hand of researchers, who are in the process of evolving. And as I said a few days ago, a problem comes to mind when we remember his journey. We realize that we didn't do everything ourselves, that we stood on the shoulders of those who came before us. So, I came to lend my shoulders to young researchers in the country, to give them advice, guidance and provide them with ongoing support so that they can move forward in their research work. Awarding prizes is a good way to encourage new researchers. I congratulate the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation for this great initiative, aimed at encouraging young Cameroonian researchers. We must therefore make research a priority, for the sustainable development of Africa in general and Cameroon in particular.”

Distinction: Pierre Amougou wins the 2015 Jersic Media Prize
The journalist for La Météo and Médiaterre is one of the award-winning reporters during the Days of Scientific Excellence and Innovation (Jersic).
For their constant coverage of the activities of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (Minresi) and regular publication of the results of scientific research, Cameroonian media men were solemnly rewarded at the Hilton Hotel in Yaoundé, last Thursday. They are first and foremost Pierre Amougou and Dora Shey, journalist at Cameroon radio and televion (Crtv)-télé. They received the 2015 Jersic Media Prize of an envelope of 500.000 each.
Speaking in the process, Pierre Amougou, who also holds a Master II from the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon (Iric), International Relations sector, and a Master's degree in Public Law, "thanked the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation for this mark of solicitude for the men of the media and the jury who made their final choice on my modest person. He dedicates his prize “to the entire editorial staff of La Météo and in particular to Dieudonné Mveng, publication director of the bi-weekly in the Dakar district, in Yaoundé.” For this hardworking journalist, who also lends his pen to Médiaterre and Francophonieinnovation, two electronic newspapers of the Francophonie, “this award is a titanic job. Especially since the field of scientific research and innovation recommends the mastery of a certain number of prerequisites. I will get back to work to deserve once again, during the 6th edition in 2017”.

A very popular ceremony
In addition to Pierre Amougou and Dora Shey, three other journalists were rewarded for their commitment to relaying research activities. They are Souley Onohiolo from the daily Le Messager, Adrienne Engono Moussang from the daily Mutations and Jean Kana Kana, editor of the newspaper Paysan Elite. Each received an envelope of 200 francs. "I fully appreciate the support of the national press in favor of the media coverage of research activities", indicated, in her opening speech of the 000th edition of Jersic, the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Madeleine Tchuinté.
The five reporters were congratulated and encouraged by Issa Tchiroma Bakary and Ernest Simo, respectively Minister of Communication (Mincom) and Cameroonian expert at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa). As a reminder, the newspaper La Météo had already been crowned during the Jersic 2013 (4th edition).
The great night of scientific excellence and innovation last Thursday was enhanced by the presence of the Minister of Housing and Urban Development (Minhdu), Jean Claude Mbwentchou and the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Transport (Mintransports ), Mefiro Oumarou. And Dr. Ernest Simo of NASA, guest of honor, contributed, through his active involvement, to the prestige and credibility of Jersic 2015.

Michael Tafou

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