Cameroon: Two dead in a night accident in Noun

A passenger vehicle came under a truck parked at a place called Siac crossroads, between the towns of Foumban and Foumbot.

Tayou Soulemane, 54, driver and Nsangou Moctar, mechanic, died. The two men were seated in the front of the small car assigned to public transport which was traveling in the direction of Foumbot, which collided with a truck on the night of August 9, 2022, at a place called Siac crossroads, shortly before this city. The violence of the shock, which occurred around 22 p.m., was such that the small vehicle was practically crushed. Alerted by the noise and the cries, the local populations mobilized to help the survivors. This is how two other passengers in the back of the vehicle were transported to the Foumbot district hospital for treatment.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the truck, although slightly parked on the sidewalk, did not leave room for maneuver to the Toyota Corolla brand vehicle with four people on board, which was speeding, coupled with an apparently insufficient luminosity. Rolling even while on this section, just 40km long, four controls operate simultaneously.

A seller steals 450.000 FCFA

“I didn't steal. I was going to look for snails to sell them, ”says Boris Tagne during his hearing. The facts of aggravated theft in co-action are charged against him. On the day of July 13, 2022 in the Manguiers district around 5 a.m., the accused Boris Tagne was arrested by the inhabitants of the district as being a thief. He is accused of having taken a handbag containing the sum of 450.000 CFA francs and a gas bottle. He broke into the victim's home with his accomplices who fled after their crime. Taken to the Nlongkak brigade, Boris Tagne confessed. Called to present his defense on August 09 in court, the accused pleaded not guilty. For these facts, the prosecutor wants Boris Tagne to be found guilty. Placed in pre-trial detention since July 22 in Kondengui prison, the accused continues his stay there pending the court's decision on August 23, 2022.

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They strip with a machete

Around 5 a.m. on December 16, 2020, at a place called "Mokolo Elobi", Martine Mbele, who was going to the market to get supplies, was robbed by individuals armed with a machete. His mobile phone and the sum of 80.000 thousand CFA francs are taken away. Following their package, the thugs fled leaving their weapon at the scene of the offence. In the same place, on December 22, a lady was also dispossessed of the sum of 40.000 CFA francs by the same procedure. The subsequent investigation set up by the Mokolo police station led to the arrest of the names Oumar Aladji and Ousseini Aboubakar as the main suspects. They will be recognized by the victim Martine Mbele as her attackers. Taken by the police to the police station, the two alleged attackers deny the facts throughout the preliminary investigation and the judicial information. Confessions that they reiterated on August 09 during their umpteenth hearing. Placed in pre-trial detention since December 28, 2020, the court requires that the two individuals be declared guilty for the acts of aggravated theft in co-action. The case is put under deliberation for September 13 on guilt.

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Yves Mbialeu admits his guilt

“I will not start again”, declares the young Yves Mbialeu in the box of the accused. He confessed. Aged 24, Yves Mbialeu pleads guilty to the charges of aggravated theft in co-action with which he is accused. On the night of June 12 to 13, 2021, in the Tsinga district of Yaoundé, the accused and his accomplice Olivier Atangana broke into Valentine Mfegue's business. The two individuals have created a passage behind the counter built of plywood. Yves Mbialeu and his accomplice took two cell phones, three sewing machines, an iron and various other objects. Following the investigation opened at the Mokolo police station, Yves Mbialeu will be apprehended in possession of one of the stolen devices. Arrested, he acknowledges the facts and denounces his co-accused Olivier Atangana who is on the run. Faced with this statement, the prosecutor asked to accept his guilty plea. Placed in pre-trial detention since June 22, 2021, Yves Mbialeu continues his stay in Kondengui prison pending the court's decision on September 13.

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