Cameroon - Congelcam: Sylvestre Ngouchinghe "sitting" on the fortune of Mr. Abah Abah?

The boss of Congelcam panted hard, to find himself in the Upper House of Parliament.

The Congelcam site loudly praises “the genius (…) phenomenal” of its promoter, in the field of business. As in any fairy tale that many Cameroonian economic operators like to construct, Sylvestre Ngouchinghe is presented there as having started in 1982 with the retail sale of frozen fish at the Mvog Mbi market in Yaoundé, before reintroducing his first profits in the purchase of freezers and rapidly increase its turnover. An unconventional course. Claiming a capacity of 80.000 tons of storage in the vicinity of the port of Douala, Congelcam also boasts of being able to “receive an entire boat of products practically every 2 days”. With the bad practices revealed by Conac, this crooked importer constitutes, by imagining his tax and customs acrobatics over a decade only, a real disaster for the national economy. Nevertheless. After many forcings and other complicated combinations, after a breathless pre-election dispute opposing him to the Social Democratic Front (Sdf) before the Constitutional Council, Sylvestre Ngouchinghe ended up forcing the doors of Parliament at the end of the senatorial ballot on March 25 2018. And to impose its political leadership in the capital of the West, where the race for billions sometimes gives rise to all kinds of extravagance. Fishing for immunity is well worth all the sacrifices.
On July 7, 2018 in Bafoussam, on the occasion of the official fundraising launch ceremony for the Emergency Plan in the English-speaking regions, the almost senator indeed broke his piggy bank by putting 105 million francs in the kitty. The people exult, salute altruism. His good works are innumerable, in Bamougoum and Baleng, in particular, and in the Mifi department, in general. When you have a war chest acquired under the conditions described in the Conac report, polishing a sulphurous image has never been easier.

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Under the title "Frustrations: how the Rdpc taunted billionaires in West Cameroon", Le Messager reports, among other things, the misfortune of the promoter of Concelcam, who on March 7, 2013 had to pay in hard cash around 1,2 million CFA francs "to pay his dues over several years as a party activist (... ) in the category of economic operators'. A payment that is all the more surprising given that, according to the privately-owned daily, "it was done for the second time for the same reasons". Not to mention "that the billionaire has bled financially to help several of his running mate pay for expenses related to the constitution of their candidacy filesto the senatorials. His file failed, he will finally be appointed substitute senator. However, he had just contributed 60 million francs to the fight against the Islamist sect Boko Haram. As with the "yellow vests" in France, the base sometimes seems insensitive to the clicking of the wealthy. And Le Jour (04/07/2016) adds, treacherous: “In Bafoussam, the wealth of this man (280 million US dollars, according to the Forbes ranking) does not escape insinuations.

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Notable Bamougoum

For some, it would only be the visible face of a nebula lurking in the corridors of the palace. The name of Polycarpe Abah Abah, ex-Minefi now in prison, was read on leaflets at one time. It is also attributed many facilities. Those close to Congelcam do not fail to make a connection between these insinuations and his entry into politics. In early 2016, indeed, vengeful leaflets began to flourish in the street in favor of the former Minister of Economy and Finance. The notable Bamougoum would, we learn, "sit" on the fortune of Mr. Abah Abah "and would refuse to hear about the difficulties of his accomplice". Citing "the buildings at the Bonamoussadi crossroads, from Akwa Nord, Akwa, Bonanjo to Douala via Bastos in Yaoundé to name but a few, the starting funds, all the facilities granted to Congelcam", the anonymous document demands that all of this is returned to the state in order to "that Polycarpe Abah Abah be freed and that money laundering cease". "Enough is enough !!! The family is fed up... Let the trickery stop...Contrary to his response to Conac, this time, Mr. Ngouchinghe had lost his language. Close the ban.

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