Municipality of Yaounde 2

Cameroon – Municipality of Yaoundé 2: More than 60% of the budget already executed!


This is the substance of the work devoted to the examination and adoption of the administrative account for the 2020 financial year, at the end of an ordinary session of the municipal council which was held from May 25 to 27 in Yaoundé.

It is under the watchful eye of the prefect of Mfoundi Emmanuel Mariel Ndikdent, the sub-prefect of the said district Mamadir Mahamat, represented and the municipal magistrate of Yaoundé 2 Yannick Martial Eloundou Ayissi, that the tone of this annual meeting was set. During this ordinary session of the municipal council, only one point was on the agenda, namely the examination and adoption of the administrative account for the 2020 financial year. At the end of 5 hours of work, sanctioned by successive readings of the achievements and shortcomings within the various commissions, the members of the said council carried out a series of examinations and amendments before adoption in receipts and expenditures of more than one billion CFA francs. A sum divided into the investment budget up to 51% and into the operating budget up to 49%.

Thus during the current financial year 2021, on the administrative level, it will have been a question of experimenting with budgeting in the different districts of the said district municipality. This budget was presented in the form of a means budget and a budget by program which integrates all forms of financing, namely own financing, State allocations and external financing. However, significant contact has been made in view of the significant drop in this budget, unlike that of the 2020 financial year. “Given the health context marked by Covid-19, the municipality had to set up all the means to block the expansion of this pandemic in our locality. A response having had a strong impact on the current budgeting, hence this reduction for the next financial year”, says Yannick Martial Eloundou Ayissi, mayor of the municipality of Yaoundé 2.

Schooling of young people

After the adoption of the budget, the floor was given to whoever wanted to speak. Thus, some major councilors returned to the various campaign promises of the municipal executive to the people, while specifying the wrath of the latter in the face of these problems whose resolution remains unresolved. With regard to the social component, emphasis was placed on the education of young people; training and employment, through the launch of numerous training campaigns for young people in practical areas in order to enable them to become independent. In addition, particular emphasis was placed on the Mokolo market, the seat of unprecedented urban disorder and insecurity. Thus an exhortation was made to the mayor and the mayor of the city of Yaoundé, represented at this work, with a view to remedying this situation insofar as the city of Yaoundé will host the African Cup of nations 2021.


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