Civil servants receiving their salaries

Cameroon- Increase in the prices of petroleum products and increase in the salaries of civil servants


These measures, foreseeable, on analysis of the speech of the Head of State, last December 31, have just been read on the 17 p.m. news of Cameroon's government radio.
The prices of petroleum products are on the rise in Cameroon. The salaries of civil servants and state agents increase by 5,7%.

The government is opting for the rise of some and the status quo of prices for those that have a direct impact on households.

According to the government's proposals presented to the social partners today in Yaoundé at the Ministry of Water and Energy, the
fuel goes from 630 to 730 FCFA;
diesel goes to 720fcfca the liter.
Kerosene, sold to households, remains unchanged:350 FCFA. That's why I wrote to you
sold to businesses goes from 410 to 560f
The 12,5 kg domestic gas remains unchanged at 6500 CFA .
The SMIG will be revised in the coming days as well as the collective agreements will also be reviewed to improve the worker's income. Consultations will continue with the various social actors, for a peaceful social climate.

Darren Lambo Ebelle:

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