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Cameroon – Assassination of journalist Martinez Zogo: Xavier Messe still summoned to Sed on Tuesday


After declaring on radio Balafon (Douala) that he had been informed of the death of his colleague Martinez Zogo, journalist Xavier Messe received a summons from the State Secretariat for Defense in charge of the gendarmerie (SED). Initially summoned last Friday, the publication director of the Calame newspaper appeared this Monday, January 30, 2023, in front of the gendarmes of the central service of the judicial investigations of the Sed.

According to our colleagues from Equinoxe Tv who followed the case, the passage of the former director of publication of the daily Mutations, and former director of the editorial staff of the Anecdote group, "was limited to the usual courtesies". According to our colleagues, Xavier Messe in Tiati will be auditioned this Tuesday, January 31, by the gendarmes of the SED.

For all practical purposes, according to a letter from the Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Paul Biya the Head of State entrusted the investigations into the assassination of journalist Martinez Zogo, to the gendarmerie (mainly) , with the collaboration of the DGSN.

Darren Lambo Ebelle: 237online.com

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