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Cameroon – Assassination of Martinez Zogo: Paul Biya ordered an investigation


Kidnapped on Monday January 17, 2023, the mutilated and lifeless body of journalist Martinez Zogo, was found five days later, in the village Ebogo 3 in Soa, in the department of Mefou-et-Afamba, in the center of the country. And since that day, suppurations are going well on the assassination of the famous journalist.

And yet, although considered very late by experts, a correspondence from Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh the Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, gives knowledge of the investigation ordered by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, on the assassination of the very famous journalist and presenter of the program "Embouteillages" broadcast on the urban channel Amplitude FM, broadcasting from Yaoundé. According to correspondence dated January 27, 2023, Paul Biya instructed his secretary general to order an investigation to the secretary of state in charge of the gendarmerie (SED), in collaboration with the general delegate for national security.

 “Following the assassination of Mr. Salomon Arsène Mbani Zogo, says Martinez Zogo, journalist and director of the radio station” Amplitude FM “in Yaoundé.

I have the honor to ask you, on very high instructions from the President of the Republic, to kindly open an investigation, in collaboration with the DGSN, into the circumstances of the journalist's death, and to establish the responsibilities .

Please let me know the conclusions of your investigations, for the very high information of the Head of State”, writes Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh to Galax Etoga le SED.

Only, public opinion strongly doubts the outcome of these ordered investigations, not having knowledge of previous ones that have succeeded. The tragic death of Bishop Jean Benoît Bala, kidnapped in May 2017 and then found dead a few days later, is a clear example of this. The despicable assassination of journalist Martinez Zogo obeyed the modus operandi: kidnapping, torture, assassination, body found mutilated later.

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