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Cameroon: After information about her snoring stay at the Hilton hotel in Yaoundé, Chantal BIYA's cousin eases her guard


For a few weeks, the named PAULINE, cousin of Chantal BIYA the First Lady of Cameroon, has been on vacation in Cameroon.

And yet, PAULINE is only a nursing assistant in Paris, France. But on vacation in Cameroon, she occupies apartments at the Hilton hotel in Yaoundé, a 05 star hotel. It is also the most expensive hotel in the country. Since her arrival in the country, Pauline has been living there, with a squad of four members of the Presidential Security Directorate (DSP), the close guard of Paul BIYA, the President of the Republic.

Denounced by the local press, Pauline, we learned, shouts her muted anger against the hotel, and speaks of a relentlessness of public opinion on her person. After the revelations of the press on her unnecessarily bloated guard for an illustrious stranger who could have stayed incognito in this posh hotel, Pauline reduced her guard, and only stayed with a bodyguard. Security device drastically lightened. And yet, only this noisy and ostentatious guard brought everyone to take an interest in his character. Every time Pauline exits or enters, Hilton protocol and security throw the doors wide open.

What's more, the nurse's aide happily takes advantage of state resources: a Mercedes 500 with driver is made available to her. And to think that the smallest room at the Hilton hotel in Yaoundé costs 150 thousand CFA francs per night!

In any case, Pauline has separated from her plethoric guard, which upset the other guests of the hotel, and has only one element of the Presidential Security Directorate left for her guard.

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