Fallout with Samuel Eto'o: Maboang Kessack speaks [Audio]

The Head of Missions within the Cameroonian Football Federation Emmanuel Maboang Kessack has been sent back to Cameroon and has been in Yaoundé since yesterday:

The information has been circulating all the Cameroonian media since last night. Maboang Kessack restores in this audio extract what he considers to be the reality of the facts: LISTEN!

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  1. Dear brothers,
    Let's stop this spirit of discord. With this we cannot move forward.
    Why always look for the little beast?
    Mabouang tells you in a loud and intelligible voice that there is no problem, and why in your head there would be a problem. All these pan noises do not grow. But make us the laughingstock of all. Do you think that elsewhere everything is rosy. So let's stop this for a bit.
    If you have suffered Racism a little bit, you will understand how IMPORTANT his country, his Nation is.

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