André ONANA chased this morning by Fecafoot: Here is his letter to the Cameroonian people

Contrary to everything that was said yesterday, not only André ONANA had never asked to leave the team but on top of that it was at the end of the morning that he was expressly asked by FECAFOOT to leave. .

He never asked from himself.
Three elements make it possible to understand
1) Rigobert Song declares at 14 p.m. in a press conference that it was André ONANA who decided to leave and that he accepted.
2) At 10 a.m., FECAFOOT informs AFP that Andre Onana has been suspended.
3) FECAFOOT publishes a statement at 19 p.m. to confirm the suspension of Andre ONANA while at 14 p.m. Rigobert Song says that it is ONANA who requested his departure.

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All this cacophony translates the shenanigans and the lies to try to destroy the career of a player as they did for Michael Ngadeu.



  1. Eto'o is for nothing, band of bad guys your hatred for this man will not prevent him from working for this country. That of Boris Bertholt who fights body and soul to dirty Samuel, all that leads to nothing.

    Before ever this profession (journalist…) but really you denigrate this beautiful profession with your hatred and your nonsense without outcomes. God sees you!

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