Community of Churches on Mission celebrates


The EEC and UEBC celebration of 40 years of Action started from 8 to 13 May.The Evangelical church of Cameroon, EEC, and the Union of Baptist churches, UEBC, is celebration 40 years of its evangelical and apostolic action in Cameroon, CEVAA. The celebration started with a church serve at the UEBC Dipita, Bali, began with enlightening prayers led by pastor Lobe Maka Léon Louis of UBBC. The servant of God, made allusions to the days of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and the

forbidden fruit, Jesus and his disciplines on Mission, some of the teachings of Jesus like ??you are the salt of the earth?? and Jesus?? coming on earth not to abolish the law but to fulfill what was said in the law. The service was made up of different choir groups in the EEC and the orchestra of UEBC which animated the service.
Pastor Charles Njike, Honorary president of EEC, spoke from the book of John 28:10 when Jesus ascended in to heaven. He also spoke from the book of Mark 13:33-37. He spoke on the creation of the CEVAA which was on 30th October 1971 in Paris. He said in October 1999 the CEVAA became the Community of Evangelical Mission. The objective of the mission is to sustain communal actions and missionary programmes for the testimony and evangelization of member churches. To encourage the circulation of information, share experiences and mutual call among the churches on sensitization, of different language and cultures, among others. The message of the day came from the president general of UBEC, Pastor Emmanuel Mbenda and intercessory prayers, which they prayed for the nation was offered by Pastor Isaac Batome, president General of EEC. The programme continues with a round table discussion, Music concert, among others.

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