CHRACERH Cameroon: six babies delivered including tripplets

Six babies have been delivered this Monday 23rd January 2018 through invitro fertilization at the Yaounde Gaenacological Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproductive and Teaching Hospital CHRACERH.
The first babies were a set of twin (a boy and a girl each weighing 3 kgs), delivered by a 39 year old woman after many years of childlessness. The second woman was delivered of triplets each weighing 2.5kgs two boys and a girl, and the third who was a single mother had a baby boy.
The deliveries according to experts were carried out successfully (even though with some minor complications) by a team of Surgeons.
According to Surgeons, the six babies all underwent a period of fertilization for nine months before maturity and delivery.
The Director of the Hospital Professor Jean Marie Kasia noted that the deliveries mark the first series of deliveries for 2018 as 20 other women are almost due of child birth in the hospital.
The Hospital is also preparing for a world conference of gaenacology and invitro fertilization in April this 2018.

Irene Mbang Tata

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