Cameroon: Police Intercepts Stolen Car in Douala


Mobile detectives intercepted a stolen Toyota Carina E Car at Bomono. They captured the car on the early hours of Wednesday, October 17 after a crazy sprint with the bandits who were heading for the West Region.On Tuesday, October 16 at about 5 pm, a blue Toyota Carina E Car matriculated 021402 belonging to one Makongo Kole parked on the main road was stolen around the Bonadibong neighbourhood.The specialist car thieves used a copy of the key to carry out the operation. With the help of a fake number plate CE

9196 – Z the armed robbers then headed for the West Region at about 2am.Intercepted at Bekoko by the mobile detectives who were on patrol, the bandits refused to heed to signs to stop. They instead engaged the detectives in an epic ride. Upon seeing the detectives hemming in, the men of the underworld dashed into the nearby bushes at Bomono along the Douala-Mbanga road abandoning the Toyota Carina E Car.The car was then taken and presented to the competent security authorities in Douala as investigations continue in a determined bid to arrest the armed robbers.

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