Cameroon – Interview: John Fru Ndi Blasts Separatists, Says They Can Kill Him If It Will End The Anglophone Crisis

Le leader du SDF John Fru Ndi

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party has reiterated his party’s stance for a united Cameroon, blaming armed separatists for attacking the SDF for turning its back against separation.

« The name Ambazonia has not been gazetted anywhere, I think we should follow legality. Well I might be wrong here. Please note that I am an Anglophone. I am a West Cameroonian and I want to start my argument from that angle.”

Ni John Fru Ndi was talking over the weekend, in an interview granted to Equinoxe TV’s most watched show, The Inside. He said he was disappointed at atrocities, especially destruction of properties by both military and Amba boys, as separatist fighters are often called.

When we came up with the federal option, we never forced people. We never held people hostage that they must support what we were telling them. We never cut people’s fingers, we never cut people’s hands, we never destroyed properties for people to support us. And if people saw that I had cheated or stolen, they should stand up. Instead of destroying properties, keep them and use them for your government when it does come« , said Fru Ndi.
He accused Ambazonia fighters for being biased by attacking only SDF militants and carefully leaving out those of the CPDM.

Even the boys who abducted me told me that we will see how Honourable Awudu Mbaya, will pass and go to Nkambe. I told them I now understand the game. So CPDM militants will go to Nkambe, organise march-past, come here and go back, then they are trapping Fru Ndi and Awudu? So it has moved from an Anglophone fight to CPDM/SDF fight« , he lamented.

Armed separatists are imposing a ghost town on the population of North West and South West regions every Mondays, national events as well as days their detained leaders go to court. They are currently behind the school boycott in the region, that has seen over two million children attending school, now at their homes helping with house chores for three years.

The SDF national chairman while recounting his kidnapping by the said Amba boys, said he has never been in support of school boycott and his party wouldn’t respect a boycott call for it’s mayors and parliamentarians to resign. He regretted that most Ambazonia attacks are directed at his militants, quoting the case of the Vice President of Cameroon’s senate, Emilia Nkeze.

When this happened, I told myself that they are trying to get right into my bedroom. The following day, they got right into the bedroom and I was kidnapped”, lamented Fru Ndi. «  I want to known from these Ambazonia fighters what the SDF has done. If they think that they can kidnap Fru Ndi, kill him, cut off his head and hang it on the roadside, please do it and let this thing end for Cameroonians to be free. After all Jesus died on the cross for our own sins and saved us. So somebody somewhere has to die for the cause.”, he continued.

On his kidnaping, Fru Ndi said his kidnappers made calls probably to the diaspora and they all communicated in Lamnso, language used by the people of Nso.

The National Chairman expressed shock that the alarm on his kidnapping was raised by former presidential candidate Akere Muna, whom he says claimed he was released before 6.30pm. He questioned what the Munas family nursed against him, as Ben Muna, according to the chairman, had once claimed he was shot when he wasn’t.

My phone was with me and I answered a few calls, and if by that time Akere was saying that I was released; if he had my phone number to call, he would have known that I was still in captivity. But for him to say outright and tell the whole world that I had been released when I was not, is pathetic« 

He blasted the government for denying facts about the Anglophone crisis, as reported by the EU Parliament and other international institutions. He dwelled on the Menka killings in Santa, North West region last year, where military shot over 30 youths staying at an ink, on the grounds that they were causing disorder in the community.

 » The government of Biya has been telling lies to the world, which is not good for us. The EU Parliament does not only come here to talk. They make their investigations« . He revisited and condemned bloody incidents where the military beheaded a suspected separatist, filmed and shared on social media

John Fru Ndi also announced that his party would not take part in the upcoming legislative, municipal and regional elections this year, until the crisis in Cameroon is settled. Questioned whether he wouldn’t step down for a younger person to be the chairman of his party, he said the responsibilities of the chairman were bigger than that of the president, which he had handed over to Joshua Osih.

« Handing over the presidential flag is far bigger than handing over the presidency of the party which is just spokesperson….I am not a national chairman by appointment. I am chairman by vote. I handed the baton because I saw myself wearing out

The Social Democratic Front party is suggesting an open and inclusive dialogue as a solution to the ongoing crisis. They suggest that Biya should sit down with traditional and political leaders and dialogue a way out.

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