Cameroon, Cardiovascular Diseases: Free Medical Screening in Yaounde

Some 1,000 people of all age groups crowded the esplanade of the Yaounde City Council on thursday September 27 to undergo free screening against heart diseases, diabetes and obesity amongst others. The free screening campaign organised by the Cameroon Heart Foundation and its partner, AES SONEL, is taking place under the theme ??Red Alert For Cardiovascular Diseases Day?? with particular focus on women whom studies indicate are at high risk to contact cardiovascular diseases.
To commemorate the seventh edition of the Cameroonian Heart Week, the Vice President of the Cameroon Heart

Foundation, François Ngoumou said a ??heart village?? has been created within the premises of the Yaounde City Council to help the population have a direct contact with medical specialists who can handle their heart-related problems. Yesterday by 7:30 a.m. the ??heart village?? was already opened to the public with scores of people struggling to visit heart specialists. The medical coordinator at the ??heart village??, Dr Audrey Nouya said different people were visiting the site. According to her, the moment somebody visits the ??heart village?? there is a stand with a group of nurses ready to receive the person. Thereafter, the person is given a form to fill information about his personal identification.
The weight, height, blood pressure, heart beat and sugar level of each visitor to the ??heart village?? is screened. Dr Audrey Nouya said depending on the results of the screening, the person is being orientated to one of the medical specialists present at the ??heart village?? for counseling. Although care to patients with serious problems is not immediate, Dr Audrey Nouya said they are given immediate medical advice and later being referred to hospitals for further follow up.
Specialists present at the site said the best way to fight against cardiovascular diseases is for people to know the state of their heart??s functioning. After the screening, many people were told to continue practising good eating habits, carry out sporting activities three times a week and reduce their intake of salt and tobacco. The Cameroonian Heart Week which ends on September 29 will also feature sporting activities and educative discussions on heart related- problems.

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